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Feel free to take a tour of our facility, meet our team of staff that would love to care for your friendly companion in the near future.  It is imperative that you & your pet feel warm and welcome whenever you're in contact with us.  We want you to be comfortable and confident that the services we provide whether it be in person (which is our favorite), online, by telephone or mail, exceed your expectations.  It is our primary goal as a healthcare team that you and your loving companion receive the service and care you deserve.  We look forward to seeing you soon, and getting to know you and your extended family…!

FVH is a full service Small Companion Pet Hospital that was established in 1973.  Dr. Firth, our Hospital Director & Senior Veterinarian has been the owner of the Hospital since 1973.  Our team strives to ensure our clients are equipped with the knowledge and tools to take care of their companions.  Our patients consist of dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, birds & pocket pets!

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  We all love and care for our furry companions as puppies and kittens. As they transition into senior pets our love for them does not fade.  With proper veterinary care we can help your pet live longer and healthier lives!

   Did you know that our pet’s age 5-7 times faster than we do? It can vary when your pet becomes classified as a senior, smaller breed dogs are considered a senior at the age of 7 while large or giant breed dogs can be considered senior at the age of 5. After the age of 5 our feline companions are officially in the golden years. Since they age much quicker than we do regular veterinary exams, can be a great tool in delaying and preventing the onset of disease.

  At the senior age they face a variety of challenges, this can include osteoarthritis, kidney and heart disease, liver concerns, thyroid imbalance, diabetes, and even more. The signs of some of these obstacles can be masked.  Over 90% of cats over the age of 12 suffer from undiagnosed joint and muscle pain.

  Preventative veterinary care is your best method of elongating and making your senior pets life the most comfortable it can be. Proper nutrition, moderate exercise, supplements and routine visits to your veterinarian will keep you and your senior pet healthy and happy. We have used our MLS laser to treat arthritis in a number of pets with excellent results and NO drug side effects. Check it out!!!

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