Pet Salon

Pet Spa & Grooming in London

Each Pet Spa Visit Includes
Relaxed environment


  • Hydro-surge Bathing System
  • Hand scissored finishes
  • Hand blow drying
  • Manicure & Pedicure (Trimming & filing Nails)
  • Ear Cleaning & trimming
  • All natural products
  • Regular or Traditional trims
  • Shave downs & Poodle trims available
  • Gentle Dematting
  • Scheduled by individual appointment only
  • Rewards for frequent grooming
  • Pick up companions once grooming is completed.


No Production Line Grooming

Every pet is scheduled by individual salon appointments. This means that there is a special time frame scheduled to allow careful attention to your pet as an individual. For this reason, our pet grooming holds a limited number of dogs each day to ensure a quiet, calm environment with little interference to ensure your pet is given the care she deserves.

We use show quality shampoos & conditioners. We also use the latest grooming equipment available today. This includes the following :

The Hydro-surge Bathing System

The Hydro-surge Bathing System is used on all pets that visit pet grooming. It provides an invigorating full body massage while providing the most thorough cleaning process ever available. Additionally the Hydro-surge system enhances the efficacy of coat and skin treatments. This system will help lift all unwanted dirt & oils and gently exfoliate dead skin cells from clogged pores and hair follicles. This enables new skin tissue to re-grow, this process is called debridement. It has a deep cleansing affect on your dog’s skin, and will help aid in the repair of hair loss by refreshing tired old skin and coat.

This is a great system for dogs with allergies who need more than just a shampoo. It is like a full body body massage- great for arthritic or injured dogs or for the healthy dog that just needs to relax!

During your Companions bath, we will apply a skin & coat conditioner which will provide essential oils to the skin and hair eliminating dry, itchy skin. It will repair damaged hair adding lustre and sheen for that special finishing touch.

Best Shots -Sick of your Pet Shedding…? This is a must!

Best Shots is an all natural non detergent based product that has a patented ingredient called coat release. This will help lift unwanted undercoat with ease and minimize irritation to your pet’s skin. We follow a six-step treatment process using these specialized products and tools. If your companion takes longer than usual, it is because we are taking individual care to make them beautiful.

Common Courtesies for Your Pet’s Appointment:

  • Avoid feeding your pet 2 hours before their pet salon appointment.
  • Please exercise your pet before they come.
  • Please bring your dog on a leash for their safety.

Our London veterinarian in Ontario strives to provide the pet care necessary for your pet to live the longest and healthiest life, and that pet care includes our array of grooming services. If you have any questions or need more information regarding our list of pet grooming and spa services, please call us at (519) 681-4377.

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