6 Great Ideas for DIY Kitty Furniture

If there’s one thing our feline friends are good at, it’s making themselves comfortable. Your furry little diva probably won’t have much difficulty finding herself some comfy spots to curl up in at naptime! That doesn’t mean Fluffy won’t enjoy having a few things of her own, however. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get your furball some kitty furniture. Read on for some great ideas for DIY kitty furniture from your London, ON veterinarian.

Cat Tower

An old wooden stepladder can be repurposed into a great kitty tower. Just add boards to widen the steps, so that Fluffy has a comfy lounging spot. Then, cover the entire thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also use a metal storage rack. For extra purrs, set the cat tower before a window that offers a good view of a yard or street.

Kitty Tent

Many of our feline friends enjoy small, secure spaces, as they make cats feel safe. You can make a cozy kitty tent out of an old wire hangar and an old tee shirt. Look online for complete instructions.

Window Seat

Kitties love sunbathing! Use a wide shelf to make Fluffy her very own window seat. Use Velcro to attach carpet or a soft pillow to make a soft covering for your feline pal.

Kitty Bed

A plastic storage container with a hole cut in the side can make a great kitty bed. Just add a soft pillow or some blankets to make it comfy. You can drape it in fabric, cover it with contact paper, or use stencils or stickers to make it look more attractive.

Kitty Hammock

You can easily repurpose an end table with four legs into a kitty hammock. Just cut a blanket to fit the space, and fasten it to the legs. Voila!


If you really want to pamper your feline friend, consider making her a kitty castle. You can use thick cardboard boxes, plastic storage totes, or even wooden boxes. Cut holes for doors and windows, and cover it in carpet or sisal rope. You can add pillows or blankets, or even a second story!

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