Dog Training


Is your Dog’s behavior disrupting the peace and harmony within your home?

Dogs may come into this world with adorable looks, but there’s one thing they’re not born with: manners. These things must be taught, and the earlier the better. The Firth Veterinary Hospital Canine Training Academy offers comprehensive Dog Training to help develop your four-legged friend into the balanced, well behaved family member everyone will enjoy being around.

From basic commands and etiquettes, like sit and stay, to important socialization skills to more advanced techniques, our experienced, professional trainers will have your dog behaving perfectly in no time. More importantly, we’ll work with you to help you gain a clear understanding of your Pet’s behavior. This will allow you to develop a deeper bond with your Pet Companion and establish a sense of healthy leadership within your home.

The Canine Training Academy at Firth Veterinary Hospital include private consultations as well as group experiences. Dogs of all ages – from new puppies to Mature Adults – can benefit from our behavioral services. It is NEVER too late to teach an “old Dog new tricks” as the saying goes. Training includes positive reinforcement, fun activities, skill testing and much more. We will work with you to identify your Companion’s unique needs so that we choose the most suitable training method.

Let us help improve the relationship you share with your Canine companion and foster a lifelong bond that will never be broken. Please contact us today to schedule to enroll your Canine Family member into one of our training programs.



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