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The Canine Training Academy offers a variety of canine training classes, there is something for everyone…
We believe that with proper obedience training, every dog can be a pleasure to have around and be a true companion. We currently offer one on one behavioural consultations as well as group classes year around. If you are interested in training your companion in a group setting, please sign up now. We look forward to helping you & your companion achieve your training goals!

Puppy Classes

Prerequisite: none
Course Description: A three week course to fast track your puppy’s behaviour and to ensure you’re both on the right track starting from DAY 1. This foundational 3 week course will help prepare you and your companion for Introductory Obedience Course that is available at 4 months old. It is NEVER too early to get started. Canine Etiquette, Behaviour, Socialization and an Introduction to Obedience Training will be covered. You & your companion will have a chance to socialize with others and ensure you are on the road to success!!

1. Etiquette and Behavior
• House Training
• Mouthing
• Social Order
• Puppy Psychology

2. Socialization
• Meeting & Greeting People & other Pets
• Greeting Visitors at the door
• Choosing & Fitting Training Tools

3. Introduction to Obedience Training
• The three voices
• Choosing a vocabulary
• Walking on a leash

Introductory Obedience Level I

resized_200x152_obedience_03(For Adolescent Companions – 4-8 months)
Prerequisite: none
Course Description: You & your companion will begin by learning basic obedience etiquette. Your companion will be fitted with the appropriate training apparatus. This will equip you to be successfully introduced to the five basic obedience commands. By the end of this 7 week course, it will be enjoyable to take your new companion for walks! No more pulling…no more tight leash, you will be working together as a TEAM.

Intermediate Obedience Level II

(For Adult Companions – 1 year and older)
Prerequisite: Introductory Obedience Level I
(within 4-6 months)
obedience_04Course Description: Will continue reinforcement of the five basic commands along with learning three new commands. You will begin learning figure eights and the down stay command. Your companion will begin learning all the commands with sign language. This is a fantastic skill to teach any companion. This will eliminate frustration for you & your pet when you’re walking in noisy areas or if health challenges arise later in life such as loss of hearing for your companion. By the end of this 6 week course, not only will it be enjoyable to take your companion for walks with no tugging or pulling, but you will notice an overall positive attitude change in all your daily activities. The neighbours will begin to ask what you have done differently? You will be able to prance the streets of your neighbourhood very proud…!

Advanced Obedience Level III

(For Adult Companions – 1 year and older)
Prerequisite: Introductory Obedience Level II
(within 4-6 months)
resized_250x187_obedience_05Course Description: Will continue reinforcement of all the obedience commands with sign language. You will begin learning some of the commands with no leash. We refer to this as “OFF LEASH” training. With lots of practice this will begin teaching your companion to listen to ALL commands regardless of the distractions that may be around-off leash. The off leash skill set is one that takes A LOT of practice but we believe this can be taught to any companion. The key ingredient is a dedicated owner and lots of practice.

Advanced Obedience Level IV

(For Adult Companions – 1 year and older)
Prerequisite: Advanced Obedience Level III
(within 4-6 months)
*Coming Soon- Then main focus to this course will be off leash training.



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