Our Veterinarians

Dr. Peter Firth
Hospital Director
Dr. Peter Firth has felt a natural connection with animals since he was very young. He spent many childhood summers working on his uncle’s dairy farm, where he enjoyed the company of all sorts of creatures. As Dr. Firth got older, his passion never wavered—for him, a career in Veterinary Medicine was the only choice that felt right. Now, he’s cared for Pets here at Firth Veterinary Hospital for over 40 years!

Born in western Canada, Dr. Firth moved to South America as a child before returning to the London, Ontario area. He attended the University of Guelph to receive his Veterinary Education, then settled back in London and has been here ever since. Dr. Firth purchased Firth Veterinary Hospital before even graduating from Veterinary School, and has happily served the Pets and Pet Owners of London since 1973.

Dr. Firth’s favourite part of his job is the puzzle-solving portion—he’s passionate about putting the pieces together in order to arrive at a solution. He’s also fond of implementing new technologies, like digital radiology, laser therapy and unique techniques for Dog Training, into the healthcare resources here at FVH. He also enjoys working with dominant canines and helping transform their behavior.

Outside of work, Dr. Firth’s varied interests include riding motorcycles, bicycling and roller blading, gardening, singing, Sudoku puzzles and flying a small aircraft. He and his wife Laurel have four children, as well as five wonderful grandchildren.
Dr. Carlos Vega
Associate Veterinarian
Like just about every veterinary professional, Dr. Carlos has adored animals of all shapes and sizes ever since his earliest days. He also knew that he wanted to focus his intellect on another area: the best quality of life for the loving owners who care for pets. That’s why Dr. Carlos decided to become a veterinarian! He’s proud to serve the area’s pets and animal parents as an Associate Veterinarian with the Firth Veterinary Hospital team.

Dr. Carlos grew up in Bogota, Colombia with his parents and two older sisters. His studies in animal care began at Universidad de La Salle in Bogota in early 1992; Dr. Carlos completed five years of veterinary school and then started work on his thesis to obtain his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He would spend two years working with dairy cattle around the city before moving to the United States. Dr. Carlos worked as a Veterinary Technician in various small-animal practices for the next five years while studying to obtain his veterinary license.

In 2005, Dr. Carlos relocated to Canada and began working here at Firth Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Technician early the following year. In the fall of 2007, he started working for the Federal Government of Canada, obtaining his Canadian Veterinary Certificate and the Ontario Veterinary License in 2012, and then returned to the Firth Veterinary Hospital family in May of 2016. He’s been here ever since!

As a vet, Dr. Carlos particularly likes all of the detective work that goes into each case. He loves using laboratory tests, physical examinations, owner descriptions, and more to solve the puzzle. Dr. Carlos also enjoys the fact that he never stops learning and gets to pass his knowledge on to pet owners on a daily basis.

In his spare time away from the office, Dr. Carlos enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, working out at the gym, and spending quality time with his family and pets. He and his wife, Camila, have two cats: Atenea, who loves exploring and getting into trouble, and food-obsessed Apolo.


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