After Hour Emergencies

Goldstar After Hour Program

GOLDSTAR is our optional AFTER HOUR EMERGENCY PROGRAM, only offered to our active clients and patients. In case of a Pet Emergency, our GOLD* clients have a private phone number to talk to our Doctor on call. Our Doctor will triage the concerns at hand and have access to your pet’s medical records if necessary. If our Doctor needs to examine your pet after hours, customized arrangements can be made. However, if your pet is in critical condition our Doctor on call will refer you to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic. If desired, our Doctor will act as a liaison between you and the attending Doctor at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

*After hour Emergencies

If you have an after hour emergency and are not a GOLDSTAR member, please go to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) located on Adelaide Street North at the corner of Nelson. This is an emergency facility that is open when our office is closed. Please ensure you inform the VEC that your Pet is a patient of our hospital. As a courtesy, a copy of your Pet’s visit will be sent from their facility to our hospital on the next business day. This will ensure your Pet’s medical records at FVH are kept up to date!



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