Obedience Training & Behavioral Consultations

Dog Obedience Training Part of London Ontario Pet Care

As a full-service pet companion veterinarian, Firth Veterinary Hospital works to provide professional pet care that helps keep pets healthy. We also give pet owners the knowledge they need to take proper care of their animal companions. Our London veterinarian in Ontario includes dog training as one of the services we offer to help pet owners and their pets learn the skills necessary to achieve a positive pet experience. We believe that dog obedience training is important so that pets know what is expected and behave in an appropriate manner. With proper training, new puppies can become great companions who are a pleasure to have around the house.

Some of the benefits which can be expected with dog training include building a strong relationship between pet owner and pet, helping pet owner and pet know what to expect of each other, and setting boundaries for appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Dogs also receive exercise and mental stimulation while learning the training routines. Well-trained pets tend to be more confident, and are usually safer as they are less likely to run into traffic, fight with other animals, and get involved in other dangerous situations.

For pets with behavioral issues, our London veterinarian offers one-on-one behavioral consultations to help determine the cause of the inappropriate behavior and provide pets with socially accepted alternatives. For most dogs, we recommend that pet owners begin dog training as soon as the pet is brought home with one of our puppy classes. In this class we teach the basics of dog house training, socialization skills with people and other animals, and introductory dog obedience skills. We also answer any questions pet owners may have about puppy pet care.

Advanced Dog Obedience Classes in London Ontario

After a puppy acquires the basic socialization and dog training skills, we recommend our introductory dog obedience classes. For puppies between four and eight months of age, Level One introduces the five basic obedience commands and teaches pet owners to walk their pets on a leash with enjoyment. For dogs over one year of age, Level Two introduces three new commands and teaches pets to respond to hand signals in addition to verbal commands. Pet owners may also wish to enroll their adult dogs in our Advanced Obedience class, where they will teach their pets how to respond to commands while not on a leash. Dogs will learn to tune out the distractions around them and focus on the commands being given by their owner.

At Firth Veterinary Hospital we want pets and pet owners to enjoy their time together, and believe that having a well-trained dog is part of that process. That’s why our veterinarian includes obedience training as part of our full-service pet care options. Many pet owners have found that dog training is a fun way to spend time with their pet and helps build a stronger relationship. If you’re interested in training for your puppy or dog, ask one of our professional team members for further details or email [email protected].



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