Has your pet been acting unusual?  Are you concerned that an illness or injury may be to blame?

When people get sick or hurt, they go to the doctor, explain their symptoms and receive the appropriate care. With Pets, it’s not always this straightforward. Because our Pet Companions can’t speak, they can’t always tell us when something is bothering them. What’s more, many Pets are able to hide the signs of illness for long periods of time. All the while, the condition is able to develop and worsen.

In cases such as these, we rely on veterinary diagnostics to get the answers we need. These tools and technologies allow us to conduct an in-depth evaluation of your Pet’s health, both externally and internally. By gathering a complete picture of your Companion’s condition, we’re better able to diagnose and treat health problems in a timely manner. Faster diagnosis of illness and injury can vastly improve the chances of a positive outcome for your loved one.


In-House Laboratory

Our hospital features an On-site Diagnostic Laboratory, which makes it fast and efficient to run a wide variety of tests. In many cases, we can have results within just minutes. This means we can have a treatment plan in place before you and your Pet even leave the consult room. The ability to run blood work, urinalysis and other tests in-house is especially beneficial for critical cases when time is of the essence. Laboratory work is also available for routine health screenings as part of your Pet’s Wellness Care.


Advanced Imaging

In some instances, a physical exam and lab work simply aren’t enough to effectively assess your Pet’s condition. That’s why we also offer advanced  imaging services. These tools, such as Digital x-rays and ultrasound, allow us to look on the INSIDE of your Companion’s body and learn precisely what’s ailing him or her. We can use x-rays and imaging to evaluate the bones and internal organs, identifying injuries, diagnosing illness and determining its severity. Images can be analyzed by our doctors in real-time or shared electronically with specialists when necessary.

If your Pet has been acting a bit out of sorts lately, don’t take chances. Give the Team of trained professionals at Firth Veterinary Hospital a call right away. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and get your furry family member back on the path to good health again.


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