Our Careteam

Operations & Practice Manager
Nicole was born with a passion for Veterinary Medicine. She learned the ropes of the profession very early in life. By age 21 she had learned and worked all positions of the hospital (except for DVM). In 1996, she became the Hospital Administrator and General Manager. Since then, she has been key in facilitating gold-standard care to the Pets and Pet Owners of London ever since!

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Client Relations Manager
When Terra started looking for a career change, she knew she wanted something that promoted a positive, family-oriented environment. Since she had always worked closely with other people, she also knew that a career that involved helping others would be ideal. Here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, she gets both of those perks, plus an added bonus: the satisfaction of caring for the Pets and owners of the London area!

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Sule Binarbasi
Growing up in a farm in a little seaside town in Turkey, Dr. Binarbasi had been involved with the care of animals from a very young age. One day, while alone on the farm, Dr. Binarbasi recognized that one of the sheep was about to give birth. Drawing on the lessons she’d learned from her Grandmother, she was able to assist in a successful birth entirely by herself. It was this unforgettable experience that ultimately sparked Dr. Binarbasi’s interest in one day becoming a vet.

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Senior Client Advocate & Online Store Manager
Danielle was very young when she decided that she would one day work hands-on with animals. She’s always wanted to devote herself to bettering the lives of not only pets, but the people who care for them as well. That’s why Danielle became a veterinary professional! She’s a proud member of Firth Veterinary Hospital’s Client Advocate team.

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Assistant Client Advocate
Client Advocate & Medical Assistant
As a little girl, Dani wanted to spend as much time as she possibly could around dogs and cats. She was also curious about the medical and healthcare needs of the earth’s creatures. Why not combine her passion for pets and her interest in the medical world, Dani thought, by working in the veterinary field? She couldn’t be happier to continue her journey in animal care as a part of the Firth Veterinary Hospital family.

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Client Advocate
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Pet Advocate
When Tia Bonaccorso was a young child, she was constantly bringing stray animals home. It was an encounter with one of those strays – a kitten she named Destiny – that would ultimately shape the course of Tia’s life. After seeing how hard the veterinary team worked to save the sickly kitten, she knew right then and there that she wanted to someday do the same for other peoples’ pets.

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Medical Assistant & Physio Therapist
Leonardo has been fascinated by medicine and science ever since he was a young boy. He always wanted to learn more about how animals’ bodies worked so that he could keep the earth’s wonderful creatures happy and healthy. What better way to do that, he thought, than by becoming a veterinary professional? Leonardo is thrilled to continue his journey here at Firth Veterinary Hospital!

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Registered Veterinary Technician/Medical Advocate
As a young child, Jill Baker’s parents marveled at how much animals were drawn to her. (The feeling was mutual, by the way.) Fast forward several years and that innate connection, along with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, led Jill to officially pursue a career in the veterinary industry.

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Registered Veterinary Technician
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Veterinary Medical Assistant
Aside from her passions for science, problem-solving, and continual learning, Kennedy decided to join the veterinary profession for one simple reason: she knows that the bonds we share with our pets are irreplaceable. She wants to do everything in her power to preserve those connections by keeping our companions happy and healthy.

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Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant - Summer
As a child growing up in London, Ontario, David Webster spent countless hours helping his grandfather and godparents on their farms. This experience fostered both a passion for animals and a fascination with science that only grew stronger, year after year. His role as a medical assistant at Firth Veterinary Hospital allows him to combine both of these passions and experience them on a daily basis!

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