Our Care Team

Operations & Practice Manager
Nicole was born with a passion for Veterinary Medicine. She learned the ropes of the profession very early in life. By age 21 she had learned and worked all positions of the hospital (except for DVM). In 1996, she became the Hospital Administrator and General Manager. Since then, she has been key in facilitating gold-standard care to the Pets and Pet Owners of London ever since!

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Client Relations Manager
When Terra started looking for a career change, she knew she wanted something that promoted a positive, family-oriented environment. Since she had always worked closely with other people, she also knew that a career that involved helping others would be ideal. Here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, she gets both of those perks, plus an added bonus: the satisfaction of caring for the Pets and owners of the London area!

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Senior Client Advocate & Online Store Manager
Danielle was very young when she decided that she would one day work hands-on with animals. She’s always wanted to devote herself to bettering the lives of not only pets, but the people who care for them as well. That’s why Danielle became a veterinary professional! She’s a proud member of Firth Veterinary Hospital’s Client Advocate team.

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Rachel L.
Pet and Lead Triage Advocate / RVT
When Rachel was a child growing up in Mississauga, she fondly recalls all the animals her father would bring home. There was one pet in particular – a cat named Bobo – who joined the family as a kitten when Rachel was just born. There were many times over the years when Bobo got lost, sick, or injured during his adventures, but the family would go through the greatest lengths to get him back and keep him healthy up until his last days at 18 years old. This experience taught Rachel the power of the human-animal bond and to this day, she still thinks about Bobo when meeting new patients.

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Client Advocate and Medical Assistant
Growing up in the Bahamas, Alex witnessed many things happen to helpless animals on the streets because there was no one enforcing the law against animal cruelty. Fortunately, Alex’s mother taught her and her brother to be caring towards these animals and allowed them to take several in over the years. Through this experience, Alex knew early on that she wanted to work in the veterinary industry. As one of our client advocates and medical assistants, she is one step closer to her goal of becoming a vet.

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Client Advocate
When Shannon was younger, she realized that she had to choose between her two passions - working with animals or working in the field of art. She ended up choosing fine art, but then found herself wanting to change her career path. Thanks to some inspiration from her mother-in-law (who is a registered veterinary technician), Shannon made the career switch and is now a client advocate at First Veterinary Hospital. Now she gets to be around the animals that she loves on a daily basis!

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Assistant Client Advocate
RVT - Pet and Surgical Advocate
Lindsey grew up surrounded by, and passionate about, animals. While she didn't always know exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up, and ultimately explored many different paths, she always ended up coming back to jobs that involved animal care. It didn’t take long to realize that working in veterinary medicine was her destiny.

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Veterinary Technician and Pet / Surgical Advocate
Ravaye was born and raised in London, where she spent most of her childhood outdoors, hiking, fishing, and playing on her grandparents’ farms. During this time, she developed a deep passion for animals and decided at a young age that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping them. Ravaye fulfilled her dream by becoming a veterinary technician and loves making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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Medical Advocate
When Katelyn was a young girl, she would excitedly tag along whenever her family dogs were taken to the vet. She fell in love with the veterinary world way back then, and decided that it was something she wanted to devote her life to in the future. Now, many years later, she’s a medical advocate at Firth Veterinary Hospital, so it’s safe to say that she’s living out her childhood dream!

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Medical Assistant - Summer
As a child growing up in London, Ontario, David Webster spent countless hours helping his grandfather and godparents on their farms. This experience fostered both a passion for animals and a fascination with science that only grew stronger, year after year. His role as a medical assistant at Firth Veterinary Hospital allows him to combine both of these passions and experience them on a daily basis!

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Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant
Zac is passionate about animal health, welfare, and biosecurity. He feels compelled to help animals in every way he can, as they are just as important to us as we are to them. Zac joined Firth Veterinary Hospital as a Medical Assistant to gain more hands-on experience and to help bring him one step closer to his goal of becoming a vet.

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Virtual Client Advocate and Lead Triage Advocate
Megan has always felt a deep connection to animals and had a huge interest in caring for them. While completing her co-op placement at a veterinary clinic in London, she developed a passion for educating clients about the health of their furry family members and how to provide them with the best care. Becoming a Client Advocate at Firth Veterinary Hospital was a natural transition and the perfect fit for what Megan was looking for!

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Bella’s journey into the veterinary profession was a deeply personal one, shaped by a blend of experiences and a genuine love for animals. It all started with her grandfather, who was a veterinarian. Spending time with him on his farm in Nicaragua opened Bella’s eyes to the world of animal care and sparked a passion within her. As she grew older, Bella sought out opportunities to immerse herself in the world of animal welfare, whether that meant ensuring her pets at home were happy and healthy, or helping the wildlife she’d encounter. Now, she enjoys the privilege of caring for animals and making a difference in their lives every single day. It's a dream come true!

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