Introducing Two Kitties

Have you recently decided to adopt a second cat? Congratulations! We love seeing kitties go to wonderful homes. Your resident furball may not be quite as thrilled, however. Cats can be very territorial, and many are not happy to find another feline in their domains. In order to help your kitties get started on the right paw, you’ll want to proceed carefully when making introductions. Below, a London, ON vet discusses introducing two cats.

Safe Zone

When you bring your new cat home, set her up in a quiet room with her food, toys, and litterbox, as well as some cozy napping spots. This will give your kitty a safe place where she can adjust to the smells and sounds of your new home. It won’t take your cats long to realize there is another feline in the house. Expect a lot of curiosity, and perhaps a few rounds of ‘Paws under the door,’ during this stage. You can give your kitties toys, cuddles, and food near the door, so they begin to form good associations with one another.

Meet N’ Greet

Make sure your vet gives you the all clear before allowing your cats to have contact with each other. When you do get the green light, you’ll want to proceed with caution. Give your cats some time, perhaps a few days, to get used to each other’s scents. Then, bring your new cat out into the living room or family room in her carrier, and let your furballs see and sniff each other. If all goes well, you can let your new cat out to explore a bit. It’s normal to see some hissing at this point, and one or both of your cats may ‘poof’ her fur. This behavior should diminish. If your cats actually fight, however, separate them immediately, and try again another day.

Furry Friends

It may take time for your cats to get used to one another. Play with both cats, and offer them treats and toys together. Make sure to pay both of your feline friends equal attention. Also, don’t leave your kitties alone unattended until you’re certain they are getting along. In time, you may find your pets playing together, or cuddling up together at naptime!

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