How to Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

If there is one thing we know about our feline friends, it’s that they all have their own unique purrsonalities. However, kitties do share some common traits. Although many of cats’ shared mannerisms, such as their napping predilection and their love of boxes, catnip, and sunbeams, are very cute, others are more serious. For instance, Fluffy often tries to hide signs of illness, which can make it tough for you to tell when your beloved pet is sick. Below, a London, ON vet lists some signs of illness in cats.


We know, Fluffy sometimes likes to seek out quiet, out-of-the-way spots for naps. However, your furball should emerge by dinnertime. Kitties that don’t want to leave their hiding places may be sick.

Unkempt Fur

Cats are normally very good about keeping their fur nice and clean. If Fluffy’s coat looks greasy, matted, or unkempt, she may be ill.

Change In Appetite

Although Fluffy can be finicky at times, even if she doesn’t like what you offered her, she should meow for something different. If she just isn’t interested in dinner, she may not be feeling well. An increased appetite can also be a warning sign, as can changes in your kitty’s water consumption.


While some kitties are furry little curmudgeons by nature, if your cat starts acting uncharacteristically grumpy, she may be ill.

Unusual Behavior/Vocalizations

When we say ‘unusual behavior,’ we’re not talking about Fluffy’s cute and silly habits, like chasing her tail or chattering at birds. We mean, specifically, behavior that is not normal for your cat. For instance, a frisky kitty that suddenly becomes lethargic, a quiet cat that starts meowing incessantly, or a cuddly furball that doesn’t want to be touched could be sick.

Weight Loss

Weight loss—or gain—can also indicate illness in our feline friends. Watch for any changes in your cat’s weight.


While the occasional hairball isn’t unusual with kitties, frequent, violent, or excessive vomiting is definitely a red flag.

Litterbox Issues

If your feline friend is avoiding her litterbox or straining to go, or if you have noticed changes in the amount, color, or texture of Fluffy’s waste, she may be ill.

If your cat is displaying any of these symptoms, or just isn’t acting like herself, contact us immediately. As your London, ON animal clinic, we are here to help!

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