Autumn Dangers for Pets

Can you believe summer is already ending? It won’t be long before the leaves start changing, and we start seeing pumpkins and other fall trappings. While autumn is certainly a beautiful time of year, it does present some specific hazards for our furry friends. Here, a London, ON veterinarian lists some autumn dangers for pets.


Fall is a popular time for people to apply lawn and garden products, like herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. People also frequently set out insecticides and rodent traps at this time of year. These things are very toxic to pets! Use pet-friendly products whenever possible, and keep your furkid away from baited traps and recently-treated yards. If you have a dog, wipe Fido’s paws off with a damp cloth whenever he comes in. Kitties will be safer staying indoors.


Antifreeze is very dangerous to dogs and cats. Unfortunately, many of our four-legged pals like the taste of it. Clean up any spills immediately, and cover damp stains with sand or kitty litter.

Wild Animals

In fall, many wild animals are looking for places to hunker down and hibernate for the winter, and may be crankier than usual. Don’t let your furry buddy roam freely, especially in wooded areas.


Autumn nights can get pretty chilly! If your dog has thin fur, now is the time to get his winter wardrobe ready. Fido and Fluffy will also appreciate having a warm, cozy bed to settle into at night.

Heating Elements

Candles, fireplaces, and heaters can all be very dangerous! Your four-legged pal could suffer painful burns by getting too close, and could even start a fire! Use grates on your fireplace; burn candles in a high, secure spot; and be very careful with space heaters.


Candies are a big part of the autumn holidays. Unfortunately, many of them contain xylitol or chocolate, which are toxic to pets. Hard candies and plastic wrappers can also present choking hazards to our furry friends. Keep your furbaby away from that candy dish!


Many autumn plants, such as mushrooms and chrysanthemums, are poisonous to pets. Leaf piles are also a concern: fallen leaves can quickly grow dangerous molds. Remove debris and mushrooms from your yard right away, and keep your pet away from toxic plants.

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