Adorable Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

As you’ve probably noticed, cats are very personable and charismatic. They are also full of adorable quirks. In fact, some of Fluffy’s most endearing habits and traits may actually be her methods of communicating with you. Read on as a local London, ON vet lists some super cute ways kitties communicate with us.


Do you have trouble resisting your furball’s cute meows? That’s no coincidence! As it turns out, kitties may have started meowing just so that they could order us around and let us know when they want dinner. Adult cats rarely ‘talk’ to one another: they communicate mostly with facial expression and body language.

Belly Roll

If your feline buddy ever flops onto her back and lets you pet that furry tummy, well, you’ve just been given a major kitty compliment. Fluffy’s belly is her most vulnerable area, so she’ll only expose it when she feels safe and secure. As a rule, cats only accept belly rubs from people they trust. (Note: this does vary somewhat depending on the kitty. Some furballs are little attention hogs, and will flop over for anyone they like.)

Slow Blink

Have you ever seen your pet slowly blinking at you? This is another of Fluffy’s super cute ways of showing approval and affection. Slow blinks roughly translate into ‘I love you’ in cat language.

Love Bites

This is one of the more curious—and sometimes confusing—shows of affection from kitties. Fluffy may beg for attention, only to grab your hand and lightly bite you. How do you tell a friendly bite from a not-so-friendly one? Kitties usually don’t use a lot of pressure if they are playing or just showing affection in a silly way.

Stalking You

Our feline pals like to keep a close watch on their human buddies. Fluffy may follow you around the house, and may even tag along when you go to the bathroom.


If Fluffy hops onto your lap, begs to be held, or sleeps beside you at night, it’s probably safe to say that you have pleased your feline overlord!

Purrs and Snuggles

It’s hard to mistake a kitty’s cuddles for anything other than affection. Fluffy’s snuggles and purrs are both truly precious gifts in our book!

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