Your Drowsy Cat

Is your feline friend sleeping right now? Chances are, the answer is yes. Cats certainly are sleepy little furballs. In fact, kitties sleep more than almost any other animal on the planet! Read on as a London, ON vet discusses Fluffy’s napping obsession.

Fluffy’s Sleeping Habits

Your furball’s sleeping habits will change as she ages. Baby cats are very sleepy, typically snoozing around 20 hours a day. This makes sense, because kittens grow while they are sleeping. Once Fluffy matures, she will take her sleeping habit down a notch, and will only sleep about 16 hours a day. Then, as your furball grows older, she’ll get drowsy again, and sleep more than she used to. Perhaps this is because older kitties have had so much practice that they are bona fide napping experts!

Why Are Cats So Sleepy?

There are some valid reasons for cats to be drowsy. In the wild, kitties spend lots of energy hunting their dinners. It makes sense that they would need to recuperate after a tough chase. Our feline pals also don’t have very many options for cooling themselves off: panting doesn’t work well for them, and they can’t really sweat. Fluffy may have learned long ago that overheating can be dangerous, and may have gotten into the habit of erring on the side of caution by taking lots of naps. That said, we’re not entirely convinced that cats need all that shuteye. After all, most animals manage to get by on a mere 8 hours of sleep.

Cute Cat Nap Facts

Did you know that cats sleep even more in cold or dreary weather than they do on sunny days? We can’t really blame Fluffy for this one. After all, rainy days do make great napping weather! Another interesting thing about kitty sleep patterns is that most cats will adjust their sleeping routines to sync up with their owners’ schedules. For instance, if you work nights, your feline pal may very well spend a good amount of her time sleeping while you are out, but she’ll also climb into bed with you after your shift. And, in case you were wondering, yes, kitties do dream. No one knows what they dream about, but we suspect boxes, trees, and toys may be involved.

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