Fido’s Cutest Habits

Dogs have many wonderful qualities that have made them beloved pets. Man’s Best Friend is smart, loyal, protective, brave, and intelligent. He’s also pretty darned cute! Read on as a London, ON vet lists some of Fido’s most adorable habits.

The Look Of Innocence

As noted above, dogs have many great attributes. Fido isn’t perfect, however. In fact, sometimes our four-legged pals can be quite naughty! You may catch your pup digging a hole in the yard, chewing your shoe, or sleeping on that couch he’s not supposed to be on. When our canine companions get caught red-pawed doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing, the result is often an adorable look of innocence.

The Head Tilt

There have been quite a few discussions and theories as to why dogs tilt their heads. Is Fido trying to hear better? Is this his way of letting us know he doesn’t understand? We may not know the reason behind the Head Tilt, but we do know it’s super cute!


We really can’t advocate begging. After all, it’s bad doggy manners! Begging is also one of the main reasons so many of our canine patients are, well, rather pudgy. That said, we do have to admit that begging often works. Fido has definitely perfected that soulful, sad-eyed stare that is so effective at getting us to share our food. It’s fine to treat your pet with yummy snacks, but limit fatty treats, and try not to fall for your pet’s theatrical antics.

Doggy Bliss

Does your canine buddy ever close his eyes with sheer delight when you help him scratch that itchy spot on his back? Does Fido get so excited to see you that he does a happy dance to greet you when you come home? Or perhaps your four-legged friend actually smiles when you rub his furry belly. No matter how your pet expresses his happiness, there’s a pretty good chance that it puts a smile on your face. Happy dogs are adorable!

The Tail Wag

Last but not least, we have the Tail Wag. If Fido is really happy, he may wag his tail so hard his hips shake. This delightful habit has definitely melted lots of hearts!

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