Common Dog Care Mistakes

Dogs have been our faithful companions for countless centuries. In that time, Fido has played many roles: guardian, hunting buddy, cattle herder, guide, and, most of all, friend. However, it’s easy for people to forget that our canine pals have very different needs than we do. Here, a London, ON vet lists some common dog care mistakes.

Lack of Training

Teaching your dog basic obedience isn’t just important for Fido’s petiquette: it’s also crucial for safety reasons. The command to Come can keep your pet from running off if you drop his leash, while Lay Down can be very helpful if your pooch is underfoot while you’re in the middle of something. Sit, Stay, and Heel are also important.

Not Enough Veterinary Care

Most dogs should see the vet at least once a year, though some pooches need more frequent visits. Fido should be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on parasite control products and vaccinations. At home, watch for signs of sickness, and contact your vet immediately if you notice anything wrong.

Poor Food Choices

Proper nutrition is crucial to your dog’s health and well-being. Offer your furry buddy nourishing, high-quality food, but don’t overfeed him. You also want to be very careful about the snacks you give your pup. Fido is an expert beggar, but many of our favorite foods are bad for him! Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Not Enough Exercise

Some of our canine friends need quite a bit of activity. Excess energy can be a huge contributing factor in behavioral issues like digging and chewing. Making sure Fido is getting enough exercise and stimulation is very important! Give your pup lots of toys, and take time to walk and play with him daily. Every dog has different exercise needs, so ask your vet for specific advice.

Good Grooming

Good grooming won’t just help keep Fido’s fur looking shiny and sleek, it can also help keep him comfortable. Of course, every pooch is different: some dogs need regular baths, while other pups only need the occasional beauty treatment. Don’t forget about your canine companion’s claws and teeth: overgrown nails and dental issues can both be quite painful for Man’s Best Friend. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Does Fido need vaccinations or an exam? Contact us, your London, ON animal hospital!

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