Swimming With Fido

Do you enjoy going swimming in summertime? Many of us love to cool off with a refreshing dip in a pool or lake on hot days. Of course, our canine companions also like swimming. Just be sure to put Fido’s safety first: the water can be a dangerous place for a pooch! A local London, ON vet discusses swimming with dogs below.

Doggy Swimming Lessons

Some dogs take to the water naturally. Others must be taught how to swim. If Fido can’t swim, it’s definitely worth your while to teach him. Get into the pool with your pet, and support his weight as he figures out the doggy paddle. Use compliments and ear scritches as encouragement. Never throw your four-legged buddy into the pool; this may just scare your dog, and make him afraid of water.

Paw Care

Fido’s paw pads are very sensitive, and are especially delicate when they are wet. To protect your furry pal from painful burns and blisters, keep him on soft ground when he gets out of the water.

Pool Safety

If you are taking Fido to a pool, the first thing you want to do is show him where the stairs are. Spend a few minutes teaching him how to get out of the pool. This is very important, as it will help ensure that your pet can get himself out of the pool if he accidentally falls in. You may want to put a landmark near the stairs, like a potted tree or life preserver. We also advise blocking the pool off with a fence when it’s not in use, especially if you have a pool cover. These covers can be very dangerous, as Fido may not realize it isn’t a solid surface, and could hop on to it.

Lakes, Rivers, and Streams

Don’t take your canine buddy anywhere with strong currents or wakes. Also, remember to bring water for Fido, and try not to let him drink from unknown water sources.


Did you know that dogs can get sunburns? Pups with thin or pale fur are particularly susceptible. Ask your vet for tips on using sunscreen on Fido. After swimming time is over, rinse your furry friend off to remove sand, chlorine, or chemicals from his fur.

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