Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Did you know that there’s a very important kitty holiday coming up? January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your feline friend could vocalize her most pressing questions, what do you think she would be most curious about? A local London, ON vet offers some suggestions in this article.

Why Do You Keep Me Indoors?

Fluffy is both safer and healthier as an indoor pet. However, your kitty doesn’t really understand the hazards posed by cars, weather, chemical exposure, and other animals. She just wants to roll around in the yard and leave pawprints on your car!

Why Do You Take My Toys Away?

Kitties are very playful by nature. Fluffy doesn’t always realize what is and isn’t a toy, however. If you take away a potentially-dangerous ‘plaything’ from your frisky pet, she may give you a confused look.

Why Did You Move Me? I was comfortable!

If there’s one thing cats are serious about, it’s making sure they get enough rest. Fluffy may move around a bit for all of those naps. If you have the audacity to move your drowsy pet while she’s sleeping, you may get a little meow of protest.

Why Is The Dog Still Here?

We all know that Fido is cute, loyal, lovable, smart, and loyal. However, as far as Fluffy is concerned, he is taking up far too much of your attention!

Why Are You Still Sleeping? I want breakfast!

Our feline friends take breakfast very, very seriously. In fact, every morning, thousands—if not millions—of people owned by cats are awakened by hungry kitties who want food Right Meow.

Where Are My Toys?

Cats are certainly super cute when they are feeling playful. Unfortunately, Fluffy’s enthusiasm often results in her playthings getting pushed under the couch. Remember to retrieve your pet’s lost toys regularly.

Why Are You Making Me Go In The Car?

Proper veterinary care is crucial to Fluffy’s health and well-being. Coming to see us is definitely in your pet’s best interests! However, our feline buddies don’t necessarily see it that way. As far as cats are concerned, cars are terrible death traps that are hurtling through space at faster-than-light speeds.

Do you have questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care? Please contact us, your London, ON pet hospital, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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