Spring Hazards for Dogs

Spring has officially sprung! Many of us are welcoming the return of warmer weather, and looking forward to getting outdoors and enjoying some sunshine and fresh air. Our canine pals are also often thrilled to run and play outside again. Just keep Fido’s safety in mind: spring can be dangerous for pets. A London, ON vet lists some spring hazards for dogs in this article.

Easter Trappings

The spring holiday can be quite hazardous to Man’s Best Friend. Chocolate is one big concern here. It’s poisonous to dogs, and could make Fido quite sick! Decorations and hard candies are also unsafe, as they can choke your pet and/or cause intestinal blockages. If you have a big Easter dinner, you’ll also need to make sure your canine companion doesn’t ingest anything dangerous, such as unsafe foods; trash; toothpicks; or tin foil. Ask your vet for more information.


Spring bouquets are a great way to freshen up your home. However, be careful with what you choose. Many flowers, such as lilies, are toxic to pets. If you are planting a garden, you’ll also need to be cautious with that. Several plants with bulbs, such as tulips, are poisonous to dogs. Check the ASPCA website for a full list of safe and unsafe plants.


Temperatures can rise quickly at this time of year. Make sure Fido always has plenty of fresh water. If your four-legged buddy spent most of winter curled up in his doggy bed, he may be a little out of shape. Take care not to overexert him!


Fleas, ticks, and other parasites will also be enjoying the return of warm weather. Keep up with Fido’s vaccinations and parasite control products!


At this time of year, many people will be heading outside to tend to their lawns and gardens. Lawn and garden chemicals, such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, are very poisonous to pets. Fido can ingest these toxins just by walking through an area that was recently treated, and licking his paws! Keep your canine friend away from chemically-treated areas, at least until the products have been properly absorbed. It’s also a good idea to water these areas down after applying products, so the chemicals soak down into the soil.

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