How to Create the Purrfect Catio

One idea that has really been gaining popularity among people owned by cats is the concept of a catio. This is a safe, kitty-friendly indoor space that allows your kitty to get fresh air, sunshine, and stimulation, while keeping her safe and sound indoors. Read on as a London, ON vet offers tips on making a great catio for your feline pal.


Kitty furniture is definitely a must! You can buy Fluffy’s things, but if you want to save money—or just enjoy crafts—you can go the DIY route and make them yourself. One option is to turn a stepladder, bookshelf, or storage rack into a cat tower. Start by adding planks to the steps or shelves. Then, cover it in carpet or sisal rope. You can also make your furball pet tents or tipis, catwalks, scratching posts, and, of course, lots of beds. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Cats love sniffing and nibbling plants, and peeking out at their owners from behind green leaves. Set out some pet-safe plants for your pet, so she can pretend she’s a ferocious predator in the jungle. Some good options are Boston ferns, Rubber tree plants, Cast Iron plants, and Spider plants. African violets are also safe, as are Areca palms and Ponytail palms. Check the ASPCA website for a complete list of safe plants.


We know, cats love their beauty rest, but Fluffy does need some ways to amuse herself when she is awake. Make sure your pet has lots of fun toys. Kitties actually do have their own purrsonal preferences for playthings. Some like wand toys, some like catnip mice, and some will ignore every store-bought toy you bring home and play with a piece of paper instead. Offer your furball a variety, and rotate them regularly.

Kitty Fountains

Did you know that many cats prefer to drink running water? A catio is a great place for a kitty fountain!


Kitties absolutely love watching birds and squirrels. Put a bird feeder up where Fluffy can see it. Then, make her a comfy spot with a window view. Your feline pal may spend hours just watching local wildlife and daydreaming about hunting. Some cats also enjoy watching DVDs made for cats.

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