Tips on Hosting Guests With Pet Allergies

The holidays are coming up fast! If you are planning to have visitors over the next few months—or, for that matter, at any time of the year—you’ll want to take steps to make their stay comfortable. This can be tricky if your guests are allergic to your furry companions. We can help! Read on as a local London, ON vet offers tips on having guests with allergies.


Vacuuming regularly is one of the best things you can do to make your home comfortable for your visitors. Remember to change the bag or empty the canister after you are done.

Air Filter

Changing your air filter will also help remove dust, dander, and pet fur from your home. It may be worth your while to get a good air purifier. Pet-safe plants will also help improve the air quality in your home. You can find a list of safe options at the ASPCA site here.

Guest Room

If possible, pick a room with floors instead of carpet for your guest room. We also recommend getting hypo-allergenic bedding and curtains for that room. Wash your bedding with hot water and unscented detergent, and dry them on the hottest cycle. Just check the labels first to be sure they won’t be damaged by those settings. Finally, try to make the guest room a no-go zone for your furry buddy. Otherwise, you may find Fido or Fluffy snoozing on the guest bed!

Pet Preparation

Before your company arrives, give Fido and/or Fluffy a good brushing. The more pet fur you capture with a brush, the less you’ll find stuck to your furniture! If you have a dog, give Fido a bath.


To remove pet fur from upholstered furniture, try using a squeegee, a rubber dish glove, or a damp sponge. You may also want to get removable slipcovers for your furniture. Wash these slipcovers the day before your guests arrive, and put them away while until they leave.

Thoughtful Touches

Set out plenty of boxes of tissues. This is a small touch, but it may be highly appreciated. You may also want to get some OTC allergy meds. Just be sure to store them in a place your four-legged friend can’t reach.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please reach out to us, your London, ON veterinary hospital, anytime.

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