New Year’s Resolutions for Kitties

Happy New Year! As we change our calendars out for 2019 ones, many people are making resolutions for the coming year. Fluffy may not know—or care—about the holiday, but we suspect that she does have a few things on her agenda for the coming year. A local London, ON vet lists some common kitty resolutions in this article.

Get Fit

Fluffy probably isn’t planning to get in shape by running laps around the kitchen, though she may sprint out of it if you drop a pan near her. Pouncing, jumping, and playing are much more in line with your kitty’s exercise agenda. Offer your feline friend lots of toys, and spend a few minutes a day playing with her.


It’s probably safe to say that your furry friend won’t have much trouble making this goal! Cats sleep an average of 14 hours a day, though some of these drowsy furballs sleep even more than that. Offer your kitty lots of comfy beds.

Supervise The Humans

Cats are very inquisitive, if not downright nosy. Fluffy likes to keep a close eye on her humans, and may very well follow you around from room to room. Offer your curious pet some vertical space, such as a cat tower, so she can get a great view of her servants (that would be you) and kingdom.

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones

Our feline pals make great cuddle buddies! Fluffy just happens to fit purrfectly into our laps, and often enjoys being held. Even more aloof cats often like to stick close by their owners. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy, and make sure that she feels loved and safe.

Eat Well

Kitties can be quite finicky little furballs. There’s actually a good reason for this. In the wild, cats eat their prey fresh, and more or less turn their noses up at anything that smells even slightly off. Give your cat high-quality pet food.

Keep Up With My Nail Care

Fluffy isn’t trying to ruin your sofa: she just has a strong, instinctive urge to take care of her claws. Help your furry little diva out by getting her a good scratching post or a cat tower.

Keep your cat happy and healthy in 2019 by bringing her to the vet regularly. Contact us, your London, ON vet clinic, to make an appointment!

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