7 Ways To Give Your Dog The Best Summer Ever

Summer is just around the corner! We’re enjoying the break from snow and cold, and looking forward to some fun in the sun. This is the perfect time to go do things with your dog! Read on as a South London area vet offers a few suggestions on keeping Fido’s tail going this summer.

Visit A Park

Our canine pals love going to new places. Take Fido to a local dog park, and let him run and play with his furry friends. It’s great for dogs to have some time to socialize with other pooches! Just be sure to choose your pup’s playmates carefully.

Go For A Dip

Swimming is a popular summer activity for both people and dogs. If your dog loves the water, take him to a pet-friendly pool or lake, and let him enjoy some supervised playtime. If Fido isn’t much of a swimmer, offer him a kiddie pool to splash around in. Or, just let him play in the spray from a fountain.

Photo Opportunity

Get some great photos of your canine buddy this summer. Fido takes some adorable candid shots, but that doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate something a little more formal. To get a great picture, try shooting at dusk or dawn, when the light has a golden glow. You may also want to download some pet camera apps.

Enjoy A Cool Treat

Ice cream is pretty high on the list of things we love about summer. Buy or make some doggy ice cream for your pup. Instant tail wags!

Have A Treat

Dog-friendly cafes and restaurants are becoming more and more popular. While Fido isn’t allowed inside most restaurants, that doesn’t mean you can’t take him on a lunch date. There are quite a few places with pet-friendly patios or deck areas. If you can’t find anything local, just go to a drive thru, and get your pooch a plain cheeseburger.

Grill Out

Barbeque season is great for people and pets! Many dogs love going to barbeques, and collecting ear scritches and belly rubs. Safety first, though: only give Fido dog-safe foods.


It’s important for all of us to just take time and relax sometimes. Spend a summer afternoon just reading and hanging out with your furry bff.

Please call us, your South London area vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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