6 Ways To Bond With Your Cat

June is Adopt A Cat Month! Have you recently brought a new kitty into your home? If so, that’s great. We’re always thrilled to see cats getting a second chance at happiness. Going to a new home can be very stressful for Fluffy, however. Your pet may need time to settle in. A London, ON vet offers tips on bonding with your feline buddy in this article.

Offer A Safe Space

You’ll of course need to offer the basics: food, water, and a clean litterbox. Make your home welcoming and comfortable for your furry pal by setting out lots of kitty furniture and comfy napping spots. If you have other pets, put your new kitty in a separate room at first. Take your time with introductions. You don’t want to rush this!

Talk To Fluffy

Talking to Fluffy is another good way to bond with her. Use a friendly, gentle tone. Be sure to call her by name, especially if you’re giving her a new one.


Toys serve several purposes here. First and foremost, they keep Fluffy entertained, and help prevent kitty boredom. They also offer your kitty a safe, healthy outlet for any angst or anxiety she feels. Last but not least, they’re just fun! Offer your furball a variety of playthings.


Treats are another way to help Fluffy realize that she’s landed in a pretty good spot. Store-bought cat treats are fine. Canned tuna in water is another good bet. You can also offer your pet some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, with the skin, bones, and fat removed, or a bowl of cat milk or sodium-free broth.


Playing with your cat is another good way to help her feel safe and loved. Hold a wand toy for Fluffy to chase, or use a laser pointer.


Many of our feline friends are quite affectionate, and love to be petted. Of course, every cat is different. Some kitties are quite friendly, and will immediately hop into your lap for snuggles. Others are more timid, and may run and hide when you approach. It’s very important to let Fluffy come to you for cuddles. If you pick her up before she’s ready, she may become frightened of you.

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