4 Things We Will Never Understand About Cats

Kitties are rather perplexing little furballs. In fact, Fluffy is a bit of an enigma. Our feline pals have had scientists scratching their heads for decades, if not centuries, and we don’t suspect this will change any time soon. Read on as a London, ON vet lists some things we may never entirely figure out about cats.

Their Box Obsession

Theoretically, cats have a good reason for liking boxes. Fluffy feels safest in enclosed spaces, so boxes make her feel cozy and secure. This theory goes out the window, however, when you see your furry buddy squish herself into boxes that are clearly too small. You may also have seen pictures of kitties sitting in ‘boxes’ that are really nothing more than squares of tape laid out on the floor. If you put a tiny box in front of your pet, she may even go for that, even if all she can fit into it are her front paws.

Their Love Of Sunbeams

Does your furball like to nap in sunbeams? If so, she’s not alone. Many kitties absolutely love sunbathing! While we know that Fluffy runs primarily on cat food, her ‘catteries’ may also be at least partially solar-powered.

Why Are They So Sleepy?

Cats sleep more than almost any other animal on the planet. In fact, only a few types of bats and possums—and possibly some teenagers—sleep more than Fluffy. In the wild, kitties use tremendous amounts of energy in a very short time when they are hunting. It makes sense that they would need to recuperate. The trouble with this explanation? Apparently, pretty much every other predator on the planet does just fine on a mere 10-12 hours of sleep. Is being cute really that exhausting?

The Paw-Smack

Have you ever seen your pet smack something off a table or counter with her paw? We suspect the answer to that one is yes. Cats just can’t seem to resist doing this! No one knows why that paw smack is so satisfying for our feline friends. It could be Fluffy’s way of demanding attention. Or, your furball could just be expressing her pent-up kitty rage over the fact that her favorite toy is stuck under the couch.

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