Cold Weather Care for Senior Kitties

Love it or hate it, winter is on the way. Your feline friend may have a fur coat on, but she’s still susceptible to cold, especially as she ages. Read on as a London, ON vet offers some tips on caring for your kitty in winter.

Warm Napping Spots

Cats certainly are sleepy little furballs! However, as it gets cold, you may notice your drowsy pet sleeping even more than usual. Fluffy may also start gravitating to warmer spots for all those naps. Offer your feline buddy plenty of comfy beds. Your kitty may also appreciate a heated or thermal bed.


Older cats often get very stiff and sore in cold weather, especially if they’re afflicted with bone/joint issues, such as arthritis. Arthritis isn’t curable, but there are ways to manage it. Laser therapy may be an option. Certain supplements may be also help. Fish oil, for instance, can help lubricate stiff joints. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Alone Time

Older cats often develop issues with their vision. Keep a nightlight on for Fluffy after dark. If you leave your furry pal home alone while you’re at work, turn a light on for her before you go. The sun goes down early at this time of year, and no one likes sitting in a dark house!


Your feline pal may have difficulty reaching her entire body when grooming herself. Brush her daily to remove dead hair and dander from her coat. This will help increase the insulating properties of her fur, and keep her from getting matted or itchy. Plus, it’s a great way to make Fluffy feel loved, and get that little motor going!

Keep Kitty In

While we always recommend keeping cats indoors, this is especially important with kitties in their golden years. Fluffy won’t be as nimble or alert as she once was, which means she’ll be at increased risk from things like cars, weather, and predators. Senior pets also sometimes get forgetful, which makes them more likely to get lost.


Cold winter days are perfect for snuggling up with purring cats. Spend some time just relaxing with your kitty on your lap, and enjoy a good book or movie. Those quiet moments are really good for the soul!

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