Benefits of Professional Dog Training

Has your canine buddy mastered basic doggy obedience commands yet? Is your pooch always polite and well-behaved? If the answer to either (or both) of those questions is no, then you’ll need to work on Fido’s petucation. In fact, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional dog trainer. Here, a local London, ON vet lists some reasons to enroll your pup in obedience training.


Safety is one of the main reasons to have Fido professionally trained. Even small dogs can cause injuries if they bite! It’s also important for your furry friend’s safety. You need to be able to call Fido back to you if he slips away. This goes double for large dogs, and for pups with strong prey drive. Training is also very helpful for us, as it makes it easier to examine and treat your dog.

Smoother Relationship

Training can help correct many of the problems that frustrate dog owners, such as pulling on the leash. It can also make a huge difference in the relationship you have with your pooch. You’ll enjoy your pet much more if he is well-trained and obedient! Last but not least, your guests will be more comfortable—not to mention safer—if they don’t have to worry about Fido knocking them over at the door. 


Dogs can learn words and phrases, but they don’t really speak our language. Training gives you and Fido a common tongue, so to speak. This is very important. After all, communication is the cornerstone of any good relationship!

A Job Well Done

While most people won’t have too much trouble teaching their dogs to Sit or Lay Down, training Fido to Come, Stay, or Heel can be a bit trickier. You definitely don’t want to confuse your pooch, or make him dislike training sessions. A professional trainer will have the knowledge and experience to get through to your four-legged buddy in a gentle, consistent manner. 


Dogs often strive to please their owners. Many of them really enjoy learning! Training is also a great way to keep Fido occupied. Once your furry pal has mastered basic doggy obedience, you can continue his training with advanced commands. Or, show him some fun tricks, like Shake or Roll Over.

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