Fluffy’s Terrible Twos

Have you recently adopted a kitten? If so, you’re in for some super cute moments over the next year. You’re also going to be in for quite a few kitty shenanigans. Baby cats are just as mischievous as they are playful. This can be a dangerous—if adorable—combination! Read on as a London, ON vet discusses your feline pal’s toddler phase.


Your furry little friend will want to investigate every single nook and cranny of her new home. This can be treacherous! Make your home safe for little Fluffy by addressing anything that you don’t want her eating or playing with. This includes things like toxic plants; wires and cords; medicine; chemicals; plastic bags and wrappers; and anything small or sharp. You’ll also want to seal off any kitten-sized holes, such as the spaces behind or beneath cabinets. Keep large appliances, like dryers, closed when not in use.


Now is the time to teach your tiny furball good manners. Kittens are very interested in sorting out how all those claws and teeth work, and they usually like to practice on their humans. That is not a habit you want to encourage! If Fluffy bites or scratches you, tell her No in a disapproving tone, and then ignore her for a while. You’ll also need to provide your frisky pet with suitable playthings.


Cats are very emotional, and form extremely tight bonds with their humans. Our feline buddies actually think of us sort of as their parents, especially when they’re little. However, that special bond needs to be nurtured. Spend a lot of time with your pet during this cute stage! Make sure that she feels loved, safe, and maybe just a little bit spoiled.


Shopping for little Fluffy can be tricky. With some items, like beds and travel carriers, you don’t have to worry about getting the right size. Kittens quickly grow into these things! However, you should keep your furry friend on kitten food until your vet gives you the all-clear. Also, be sure to avoid clay and clumping litters for now.


This cute stage in your cat’s life will pass quickly. Be sure to take lots of baby photos of your pet. Your little ball of fur will be all grown up before you know it!

Please contact us, your London, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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