Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Does your canine pal stay home while you go to work to earn money for treats and dog toys? Fido can’t be left alone for extended periods, but he should be fine for the duration of the average work shift. However, Man’s Best Friend can get quite lonely and distressed when left by himself. You’ll want to take some steps to make your furry pal’s alone time a bit easier for him. A London, ON vet offers tips on leaving your pup home alone in this article.

Morning Workout

Before you go to work, take Fido for a vigorous walk. Then, tire him out with a fun play session. Hopefully, your furry pal will spend the bulk of the morning napping.


Toys are your furry friend’s number one form of entertainment. Puzzle toys are a wonderful choice here, as they can keep dogs occupied for hours. Treat-dispensing toys, such as Kong toys, are also great.

Background Noise

Leave a TV or radio on for your canine buddy. The sound of music and voices will soothe him and keep him from feeling lonely.


Just like people, dogs can get bored if they are left alone too much. Fido also has a habit of channeling his angst into mischief. He may express himself by digging or chewing improperly, or get into the trash. If your pup is prone to these sort of shenanigans, do some petproofing. Remove anything you don’t want him eating or playing with, such as toxic plants, wires and cords, plastic wrappers, and small or sharp objects. Use trashcans and hampers that close securely.


Fido loves to see what’s going on around him. If possible, give your pooch access to a window with a good view, so he can watch birds and squirrels.

Zoom Meetings

Did you know that there are apps that allow you to interact with Fido when you’re out? You can play with your pup with a laser pointer you control with a smartphone, and watch him through a camera. You can even get devices that will give let you give your pet treats remotely!

Pet Sitters

If you sometimes work late, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter to stop in and walk Fido. Just be sure to vet them carefully!

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