Taking Great Holiday Pet Photos

The holiday season is officially here. We always love seeing our adorable patients on holiday cards and photos. However, getting that perfect shot can be a bit tricky. A vet London, ON offers advice on getting that perfect holiday pet photo below. 


Choosing the right location may very well be half the battle. Opt for something that your pet’s fur will stand out against. If you have a black cat, snap a photo of Fluffy against something that is red or white (or both). A photo of a white dog standing in front of a snowman probably won’t have enough contrast.


Many of our patients are highly photogenic and look great from many angles. That said, you may want to try kneeling or even laying down to snap your pics. This will allow you to get eye-level shots of your furry friend.


There’s almost no end to the things you can use as props for holiday photos. Gifts, decorative items, candy canes, and even blankets and pillows with seasonal patterns are just a few options. Just be sure to put safety first. Don’t use anything that isn’t safe for your furry buddy!

Camera Settings

Look for a few pet photo apps. Some of the better ones have settings that work well for taking animal photos. Others may incorporate sounds that will help capture your furry friend’s attention.


Many pets don’t like being dressed up. However, you may have better luck with something minimal. See if you can get Fluffy to balance a Santa hat for a minute, just long enough for you to take a quick shot. As for Fido, well, he looks pretty adorable in antlers.


Most modern cell phones now have absolutely amazing cameras. You can also find loads of apps that offer various filters or editing functions. Experiment with some different ones.

Pocket Pets

Smaller pets, like gerbils and hamsters, take adorable pictures! Put a Santa hat on your Guinea pig, or prop your pet mouse up in a tiny sleigh. You may want to use different settings for these little guys, though. If your camera has a macro setting, use that. Also, if you’re taking your pet’s photo inside their cage, shoot at an angle to reduce glare.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Firth Veterinary Hospital, your vet clinic London, ON. Call us anytime!

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