Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is coming up January 22nd. Our feline pals are known for being inquisitive. In fact, Fluffy’s curiosity is one of her cutest traits. If your pet could ask you her most pressing questions, what do you think she’d want to know? A local London, ON vet makes a few petucated guesses below.

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Kitties are predators by nature, and they really just can’t resist pouncing on, well, anything. Fluffy doesn’t always know what is and isn’t safe for her, however. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking away one of your furball’s ‘toys,’ such as a rubber band or plastic wrapper.

Why Did You Move Me?

Our feline friends are very tired, and they spend a rather exorbitant amount of time sleeping. It’s probably safe that at some point this year you’ll have to relocate your sleeping pet off something you need. Fluffy may protest with an adorable meow.

Why Is My Bowl Empty?

Some of our furry buddies have their humans more or less trained to feed or pet them on demand. Fluffy may have already had three breakfasts, but she still considers seeing the bottom of her bowl an emergency.

Why Aren’t You Petting Me?

Kitties can be extremely affectionate and loving. Fluffy often gets even more cuddly as she ages. Your pet may have some adorable ways of demanding cuddles and ear scritches. She may grab your sleeve, jump into your lap, or just meow at you.

Why Do You Keep Letting The Dog Back In?

Many of our feline patients do learn to coexist with dogs. However, Fluffy may never stop giving Fido the side-eye. Man’s Best Friend does what he’s told, doesn’t use litterboxes, and is always happy. That just doesn’t make sense to kitties!

What’s In There?

If you open a cupboard or closet that’s usually shut, or put an empty suitcase down near your pet, your furball probably won’t hesitate to investigate it. Give Fluffy things like boxes and newspaper tunnels to explore.

Why Haven’t You Figured Out Quantum Physics Yet?

Cats are quite mysterious little furballs. One has to wonder if there are a few things Fluffy isn’t telling us!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your London, ON veterinary clinic, we are always happy to help!

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