Adopting a Stray Cat

Are you considering adopting a stray? Many of our feline patients were once strays. In many cases, Fluffy was discovered behind a dumpster or in an abandoned yard, or perhaps showed up on someone’s porch. Kind souls often offer strays some food and perhaps shelter … and soon find themselves smitten. But then what? A London, ON vet offers some advice on adopting Fluffy below.

Background Check

Before officially adopting your kitty, make sure that Fluffy doesn’t already have a family out there missing her. Check local lost ads, and have her checked for a microchip. You may not find anything, but it’s still just the right thing to do.

Offer A Safe Space

Strays can be quite timid and skittish, as they’ve often learned some hard life lessons while fending for themselves. Fluffy may feel safest in a small, enclosed area. Offer her things like pet tents and cardboard boxes to snuggle up in. Your furry pal may also enjoy having spots under beds and couches to retreat to if she gets scared.

Meet The Doctor

One of the first things you’ll want to do is introduce Fluffy to her new veterinarian. Your furry little friend will likely need some antiparasitic meds, such as dewormer. You’ll also need to get her caught up on any recommended vaccines. If she hasn’t been fixed yet, you’ll need to get that appointment scheduled as well.


You’ll need to make a trip to the pet store. Fluffy will need food, toys, treats, dishes, a litterbox and litter, and a carrier. We also recommend getting her some kitty furniture and a good scratching post. Soft beds are also important, but you can go the DIY route there, and just put some folded blankets into a box or wicker basket.

Make Introductions

Things will play out differently if you have other pets than they will if Fluffy is going to be your only four-legged roommate. Make introductions slowly and carefully. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.

Be Patient

Cats can take quite a while to adjust to big changes … like getting adopted. Give Fluffy time to settle in. She might be skittish at first. However, great TLC will help your furball feel safe and loved.

Contact us, your London, ON animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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