Kitties in Apartments

Do you and your feline pal live in a condo or apartment? Fluffy often does just fine in smaller spaces. She doesn’t need much room, as long as she has a few comfy napping spots to choose from. Of course, your cute pet’s lifestyle and home also factor in to her care needs. A London, ON vet offers some advice on caring for an apartment kitty below.

Offer Vertical Space

One thing you can do to give your cat a little more room is offer her vertical space. A cat tower is a great option! Fluffy may also enjoy some kitty shelves. Another thing you can do is get a wall-mounted scratching post for your furry little diva.

Don’t Skip The Vet

Indoor cats may not need as many appointments as kitties that go outside, but they still need regular veterinary care. We strongly recommend getting your feline friend fixed and microchipped, even if you do plan to keep her inside. Keep up with Fluffy’s appointments!

Bring The Outside In

It really doesn’t take much to make your home into a fun haven for your furry companion. Get some pet safe plants for your kitty to sniff at and nibble on. The ASPCA has a great list available here.

Set Up A (Safe) Window Seat

Birdwatching may very well be Fluffy’s favorite indoor kitty pastime. Make your pet a comfy seat before a window with a good view. Just make sure the window and screen close securely. You don’t want your feline buddy falling out!


Litterboxes do make caring for cats easier. However, they aren’t exactly attractive centerpieces. Consider getting a custom litterbox enclosure. You can also put plants around it, to help keep the air clean.

Keep Kitty In

This really goes for all cats, but it’s particularly relevant for those in urban areas, because of the increased risk of traffic and stray animals. Your furball will be much safer—not to mention happier, healthier, and safer—as an indoor pet.

Consider Kitty Comforts

Does your furry pal stay home alone when you go to work? Leave a radio or TV on for her. The background noise can soothe her and keep her from feeling lonely. If you’ll be out after dark, leave a light on for your kitty as well.

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