Benefits Of Medical Grooming

Have you ever considered taking your pooch to a salon? More and more people are taking their pets to groomers. Part of the reason for this is simple convenience: it’s of course great to be able to drop Fido off and pick up a clean pup a few hours later. However, another reason is that many of our canine pals need or benefit from medical grooming. A local London, ON vet lists some of the biggest benefits of medical grooming below.

Custom Care

Our four-legged friends are all unique … and so are their grooming needs. Some pups need specific services. For instance, one dog may benefit from ear hair trims or removals. Another may need anal gland expression. This sort of thing should always—and only—be done by professionals.

Practiced Eye

Hopefully this goes without saying, but a groomer isn’t the same as a vet. Fido’s salon visits are not replacements for proper exams. That said, groomers are professionals, and often spot things like lumps, bumps, soreness, swelling, or skin irritation. Although this is a bonus, not something that’s guaranteed, it can be extremely helpful.

Doggy Do’s

Many of our canine companions have long, thick fur that needs special attention. In some cases, haircuts may be considered medical grooming, especially if your pooch is starting to get matted.

Nail Trims

Overgrown nails may not sound like a huge problem, but they can affect your furry buddy’s health and comfort. If Fido’s claws are too long, he’ll likely adjust his gait to compensate. This can put a lot of stress on his bones and joints. Of course, many people are uncomfortable clipping their pets’ nails themselves. Groomers to the rescue!

Large/Senior Dogs

It isn’t always easy to get a big dog into the tub. Grooming older dogs can also be tricky, as they are often very stiff, sore, and fragile. Medical groomers have facilities specifically made for Fido, which makes the bathing process easier on you both.

One-Stop Shop

Some animal clinics have both veterinarians and groomers on-site. This is wonderful, as you can pick up your canine friend’s flea prevention when you bring him in for a wash. It also means that the groomer and vet can communicate directly about Fido, if need be. What’s not to love?

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