Fido’s Fall Wardrobe

Fall is in full swing now. While we hopefully have some more time before the really cold weather hits, this is the time for pet owners to start getting their furry pals ready for the cold. While dogs with thick fur may love winter, other pooches need a bit of extra help staying warm. In this article, a local London, ON vet offers some advice on getting your canine buddy ready for the cold.


Take time to check over your dog’s clothes, and make sure that everything fits him comfortably. Small stains or tears can be cleaned or repaired, but if Fido’s winter clothes are really damaged, it’s probably best to replace them. When shopping for your four-legged friend, avoid anything with zippers, as well as anything that is tight, hot, itchy or constricting.

Choosing Outfits

We recommend having a few different outfits for your canine pal. That way, Fido will still have something to wear if some of his clothes are wet or dirty. You’ll also want to make sure that your pooch has options for different kinds of weather. He may need a jacket for cool weather, a raincoat for stormy days, and a warm sweater for frigid winter temperatures.


Your pup’s paws will also need some extra attention at this time of year. Snow, salt, sand, and ice can all take quite a toll on those furry feet. If Fido doesn’t mind wearing boots, then pick him up a pair. Of course, many dogs don’t like wearing shoes. If your fuzzy best friend prefers to go barefoot—or bare pawed—then stock up on paw balm. Nail trims are also important. Long nails make it hard for dogs to get traction, and could lead to slips.


Don’t forget about your canine friend’s natural fur! Give your pooch a good bath before it gets too cold. If you take him to a groomer, book an appointment now. It’s also important to brush your four-legged buddy regularly. Dead fur and dander will interfere with the natural insulating properties of your pet’s coat. Some dogs shed very heavily at this time of year. On nice days, brush Fido outdoors, so that fur just blows away, instead of getting stuck to, well, everything.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your London, ON vet clinic, we’re here for you!

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