Training A Deaf Cat

May 3rd is Nationally Specially-Abled Pets Day! Just like people, pets can be afflicted by health issues, such as hearing impairment. However, Fluffy may not need extra care so much as different care … especially once she’s finished her petucation. A London, ON vet discusses training a deaf cat below.

Good Vibrations

Kitties that can’t hear well tend to be very sensitive to vibrations. Things like stomping your foot, closing a door, or knocking on a wall can all be quite significant to them. Consider incorporating these things into Fluffy’s training!

Laser Pointer

Laser pointers can also come in quite handy here. This can be a very cute and fun way to get Fluffy’s attention. (Of course, this will only work when she’s awake.)

Hand Signals

There’s no reason you can’t incorporate some hand signals into Fluffy’s education. You can use an official sign language, or just make something up yourself. Just keep it simple and consistent. Stick with basic commands, like Come Here and Get Down From There!

Incorporate Non-Verbal Cues

Cats can (and do) learn to read our faces. Fluffy may also be able to figure out some specific hand gestures, such as a thumbs-down when you want to get her to get down from something. Pay attention to your language and gestures when communicating with your furball. Incorporate lots of petting and ear scritches, too!

A Helping Paw

Adopting a pet is a huge decision, and not something to take likelty. That said, it may be good for Fluffy to have other pets around. They may alert her to things such as someone at the door. If your feline buddy is a kitten, she may also benefit from having a mentor to teach her proper petiquette.

Expect Caterwauling

Deaf cats can sense the vibrations their throats make when they meow. Your feline friend may like that sensation, and may even try her paw at ‘singing.’ Your kitty may particularly enjoy vocalizing (or caterwauling) in small spaces, like bathrooms, which have a lot of reverb.

Offer High Spots

One thing that many deaf pets hate is being snuck up on. Fluffy may feel safer in a high spot, such as a cat tower or window seat, where she can’t be taken by surprise.

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