Tips For Decorating With Cats

Are you and your feline buddy moving soon? Are you considering revamping your current place? Keep Fluffy in mind when decorating! A  London, ON vet offers a few helpful tips on decorating with Fluffy in this article

Choose Safe Window Dressings


We always advise keeping cats inside. Indoor kitties do still need stimulation, though, and they love watching birds and squirrels and daydreaming about hunting. Fluffy will likely spend quite a bit of time at her favorite window. If you use blinds, she may destroy them to get to her view. That can actually be dangerous: you don’t want your furry pal getting entangled in ropes. Make your kitty a comfy spot, and keep her safety in mind when choosing window dressings.


Keep Nicnacs Out Of The Way


Have you ever noticed your feline friend smacking small objects off the table? Chances are, you probably have. We may never sort out exactly why Fluffy is so obsessed with doing this, but we do know one thing: anything breakable that is left within paws’ reach is probably doomed.


Choose Pet-Safe Plants


Some cats ignore plants, while others are more interested in knocking them over than eating them. There are also kitties that seem determined to eat every leaf they can get their paws on. Be sure to only get pet-safe options, such as Boston ferns, Spider plants, and Money trees. You can find more listed online at the ASPCA website here


Get Creative With Litterboxes 


If you have room, you can put your furry friend’s purrsonal powder room into a closet or bathroom. However, if you have a smaller spot, you may need to hide it. The most attractive option is likely to get a piece of furniture that was specifically designed to hide litterboxes. You can also get a folding screen, or creatively hide the box under an end table. 


Have Fun With Scratching Posts


While you can still get a plain scratching post or board, there are now much more attractive options for Fluffy’s nail care stations. Why not get your feline pal a scratcher that’s shaped like a cactus, a record player, or a vintage radio? 


Go Up The Wall


Want to really pamper your furry buddy? Install cat shelves on your walls. There are now some very attractive ones that look more like wall art than kitty furniture! 


Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your local London, ON animal hospital, today!

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