Read What Our London Veterinary Clients Have to Say:

Pet Salon


The Staff were very friendly, I really liked the way they interacted with Luke. Was impressed with the report card, that not only was it a grooming but also a overall inspection eyes, ears and teeth. His coat or lack off was very impressive considering the amount of hair he had. And the bandana was a nice touch. Great job team!!

– Kelly G., owner of Luke, May 2017


“I’ve had my dog Willie groomed twice before yet never has he looked this good!

He is now looking at me like he is saying thank-you! He looks better, he feels better, he smells amazing and his coat feels so soft and silky. He’s even a different color.

It’s like he knew he didn’t look good and now he has confidence and feels great!”

Pat, owner of Willie June 2015

MLS Laser Therapy

“We are so happy that we decided to go with the Laser therapy treatments for Angel, (Chocolate Lab, 15 years old) she developed problems with her hips which made it difficult for her to climb stairs and go on her long walks. We noticed she was very restless while laying on her bed, rolling from side to side and turning around constantly trying to get comfortable, she always loved to lay on her back while sleeping and we noticed she also stopped doing that as well.

Dr. Firth suggested our trying Laser on her hips and knees, after a couple of treatments we noticed she was sleeping comfortably without the rolling from side to side and also she started sleeping on her back again and she had better mobility. We now also include her shoulders in the treatments, we would like to mention she broke her toe on her back foot and Dr. Firth used laser therapy treatments on it to speed up the healing which worked amazingly.

We would highly recommend having MLS Laser therapy for your precious family members, I know Angel has benefited from it and we are so thankful that she is comfortable and not in any discomfort anymore.”

Madonna, owner of Angel February 2015

“On a Sunday in March 2015  my Jack Russell Terrier, Lexie, collapsed (unable to use her hind legs). I rushed her into the emergency vet clinic where they determined she had a spinal problem. Monday morning I took her to Dr. Firth who examined, x-rayed and diagnosed that she had a big back problem. (collapsed spinal discs). There were three ways to go. Spinal surgery, laser therapy or put her down.

We decided on laser therapy every other day. I made her a sling and carrier her back half around everywhere she needed to go. She had seven treatments and suddenly took two steps on her own. A few days later she was standing alone and walked into the kitchen on her own. We continued for several more weeks.

Lexie now has a treatment once a month and she is the active, silly, bossy, game playing dog she was before. She is back to running the legs off rabbits and squirrels. Laser therapy saved her life and made her whole again without surgery! I would recommend laser therapy to anyone who’s beloved pet needs it. It is the best decision I could make for her and for me.”

D.M, owner of Lexie March 2015

Care & Compassion

“Your friendliness, your compassion, your constant improvement of your business and the investment you make in technology. Your expertise, the new and improved medication is always immediately available. I trust you with my fur babies. 

– Allison

“Consistent quality care.”
– Anonymous

“I love how invested you guys are in my animals lives and health, it means the world that you know how much they mean to me.”
– Alison

“Very Pleasant Experience with Dr. Firth and the Team!”
– Fil

“The Staff were very friendly, I really liked the way they interacted with Luke. Was impressed with the report card, that not only was it a grooming but also a overall inspection eyes, ears and teeth. His coat or lack off was very impressive considering the amount of hair he had. And the bandana was a nice touch. Great job team!!”

– Kelly


“Comprehensive care, caring staff, continuity and relationship building, Wesley loves to go to the vet and I think that is telling in itself how good the care and kindness of the team is.
PS He loves Darla his groomer!”

Valerie R.

“Everyone was very nice, easy to deal with. Did not feel pressured into any treatments or decisions, felt like they were open to discussing all options without judgement.”


“Great and knowledge team. Friendly and they care about my pets.”

Kathy A.

“The staff are very kind to me, but more importantly to my pets. They always seem happy to see us.”

Mary Anne L.

“The excellent medical care they have received over the years and the kindness and concern the staff always show towards us.”

Cindy J.

“Everyone truly cares about my pets well being.”


“Your interest and concern for our pet, Jodie, was very much appreciated. Also the friendliness of all the staff. Thank you.”

Joe Z.

“I met Dr. Firth back over 10 years ago, with our dog Hunter Halls. With his great bedside manner, he speaks with you not at you. Simple to understand and creates a calm and healthy environment in the examination room for pet and owner. All I have to say to Mickey… “Let’s go see Dr. Firth” and he runs to the door… I love that!.. and Dr. Firth has great staff who are very caring and patient.. and just down right awesome!! Thank you!!”

Lisa R.

“I can tell you all love animals. Caring is great quality and you all have it.”

Joanne V.

“When Scarlett appeared in my life I contacted 3 other Veterinary clinics -including the one which had looked after my Lhasa Apso for the entire 17 years of her life – for help. Yours was the only one who didn’t try to discourage me from taking on an abandoned 8 day old kitten, and I’ve always felt that I can come to you whenever I need help.”

Heather R.

“I feel Dr. Firth is excellent with Suri. Really cares about her health. All staff, including the groomer are very professional, approachable and competent.”

Barbara C.

“Very thorough explanation of exam results.”

John A.

“All team members truly care about the patients! Everything is clearly explained and the follow up is excellent!”

Quinn S.

“Friendly and informative visits.”

Sam S.

“Dr. Firth and his team are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and are amazing with the animals and their human parents.”


“I have always had amazing service from all the staff at Firths. They are caring and truly interested in the health and well-being of the pet.”


“Exceptional service.”


“The entire staff is amazing.”


“Everybody was friendly and professional.”


“Dr. Firth is a very good vet and the staff is very helpful.”


“The personal interest and excellent care given to my pet.”

Carole F.

“Your staff is very professional and very kind to Hubble.”


“I’ve been coming to you since Tig was a kitten and he has always been treated so well and everyone is so friendly. I have already previously recommended someone to you and will continue to do so as the opportunity arises.”


“I have recommended you to others. We have always been very happy with the care at Firth. We have always seen Dr. Firth, he has an excellent way with animals. Today we saw Dr. Collin for the first time and she’s great too. All of your staff have been very good.”


“From the moment you walk in the door everyone makes you feel welcomed.”


“I have already recommended you to my mother in law. I like that my questions get answered and that I’m not made to feel that any question isn’t dumb to ask.”


“Dr. Firth and Staff are always friendly, helpful and take the time to answer any questions we may have. They treat our pets like family :)”


“Customer service you always fit me in when I call. Also family atmosphere and friendly staff. I have been coming to Dr Firth for about 25 years now.”


“Very knowledgeable doctor. Great passion for animals’ welfare.”


“You know you have a great veterinarian when he is able to give so much information that the vet tech has to literally push him out the door so he can head to his next client. I always feel like I get more then what I pay for from him and his team, and you can’t put a price on that.”


“The staff and Dr Firth treat Stella with love and kindness. I always feel I’v done my best by dog after a visit with your team.”


“You genuinely care about my dog.”


“Individual, personal attention and concern for your pet. A family atmosphere. Excellent care.”


“Staff was extremely friendly and thorough. We’re very comfortable with having both our pets in their care.”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: The care that each member gives to the animal, and person bringing the animal in is wonderful, and they are completely understanding, willing to work with you, and truly care about animals and it absolutely shows. i tell everyone about firth vet clinic”


“Dr. Firth listens to our concerns, answers our questions, and always has time to give Bono a back rub or ear scratch while checking him over. He takes our observations of Bono’s health and behaviour seriously and incorporates it into Bono’s care! As well, Meagan, Maya and Terr are fantastic team members who really care about their client’s care and well-being! Kudos to all!”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: The Dr. Was very thorough and very nice. It was a pleasure brining Allie to her appt. We always have good service when we come in , whether it is getting dog food or coming in for an appt. job well done.”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: Great knowledgable vet and friendly staff”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: confidence in the care”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: You care for the pets as if they are your own”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: Because Dr Firth truly cares about our pet.”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: I feel taken care of as a pet owner and I know my pet loves coming to you. I have been to vet offices where the front office staff didn’t really interact with me… So with you it’s a very different feeling. I love that I can ask questions and I’ve always gotten honest advice and recommendations. I would and always do recommend your hospital to others!”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: 10 out of 10 you guys are the best”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: Firth Veterinary Hospital has the most friendly, caring staff. Not only do they treat my Dog as being special to them they also treat Me with kindness and respect. That is very important to Me and my Pup. I feel Treble could not get any better care then what he gets at Firth’s.”


“Most important reason stated for the above rating: we feel like part of the family and Dr Firth and Staff give the utmost attention to our pets”

Linda and Tim

“Personal relationship with Dr. Peter as well I found not only the service given appropriate but the staff well trained in public relations.”


“Everybody really cares about the animals.”


“We have been very pleased with the care provided for our pet for over 15 years.”


“Dr. Firth and his staff are the most friendliest, helpful, knowledgeable team I have ever had the pleasure to deal with!”


“Your caring and compassionate service.”

Diane O

“Dr.Firth taking time to explain important health and training tips to us. Friendly staff and willingness to answer questions.”


“Firth Veterinary Hospital has been our vet for 20 years and I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. The care and compassion of the staff team is outstanding. Through good times and hard the staff has always been patient and understanding; they are very thorough when explaining what’s happening in the appointment and always able to answer any questions that come up.”


“Dr Firth, I feel he truly loves working with the animals. Staff is awesome as well”


“The staff & Dr. Firth were very welcoming & professional a pleasant experience Dr. Firth was fantastic the exam was the most thorough I have seen @ any vet’s office he explained everything & made sure I understood everything made sure all questions were answered made sure I was comfortable with his findings & his suggestions of treatment he was aware of my situation & never treated me differently because of it a very compassionate Doctor I will do everything I can to be able to have Bonnie continue as one of his clients I can’t thank you all enough for the care you provided to Bonnie & myself my sister Sadie posted on her Facebook page as soon as she got home how great the staff & Dr. Firth were we have & will continue to recommend Firth Vet Hospital to all ”

Thank You for all you did for me & Bonnie & John

“Friendliness of staff, they always remember us even if it’s been a while between visits. Very patient with our Malkin which we very much appreciate :)”


“friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff”


“Always willing to call and check up on my pet after a visit which is appreciated.”


“Everyone is VERY friendly!!! You are given FULL KNOWLEDGE of everything being done to your dog and why certain test are needed!!”


“What a pleasure it was coming to your office yesterday with Khloe. Everyone there was so friendly, welcoming and helpful! They make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in and most importantly, our cat, Khloe was very relaxed and laid back there – and that is really great to be able to say that as like most pets – she does not like going to the Vets. Thank you for making everything go so smoothly and we are looking forward to our next visit.”

Eugene and Lynn

“Princess and me had a very positive experience… Well, Princess wasn’t very fond of the rectal thermometer. Incidentally… a test for the experts…”


“Peter Firth is the best vet I have ever had for my pets.”


“Doctor Firth and his team are always honest and reliable”


“Genuine care for the animal”


“I felt a sincere care for my dog. I felt like Doctor Firth took the time to ensure my dog was looked after and received the care he needed. I was not just a patient. He cared about the well-being of my best friend. Additionally, the support staff were friendly, caring and helpful. They made us feel welcome and important!”


“Loving, compassionate staff towards our furry little babies. Very well educated and knowledgeable”


“Friendly staff”


“I appreciated the amount of time Dr. Firth and his staff spent with us, answering our questions and making sure we had a good start as new dog owners.”


“Attentive care from reception and vet techs !! Great information from Dr Firth”

Kim Cheverie

“We left with all our concerns and questions answered above and beyond what we expected.”


“The service and care we always receive when we visit Firth”


“Dr. Peter Firth and his team of care givers are awesome,fantastic,kind, knowledgable,compassionate and a true pleasure to deal with. Never have I met a Dr. whether for pets or humans that is so incredibly wonderful. He has been and continues to be totally dedicated to our fur babies and to us as well. We feel totally blessed to have Peter Firth in our lives. BIG LOVE TO FIRTH VETERINARY HOSPITAL.. ”


“I would give you a 10 however I cannot select it above. Great place to bring your pets!!”


“Very caring veterinary staff who clearly adore all the animals that come into the clinic. A warm and welcoming environment that my dog loves to visit!”


“Everyone is always so friendly and they truly care about the customer and the animals, it’s almost like we are a part of the family”


“Very good team of people who care about animals and it shows.”


Very caring staff who love all their patients and Dr Firth simply a great vet who has a has wonderful skill and good ideas that help all little ones.


I am quite impressed with the friendly and courteous staff and how knowledge everyone is.


The clinic technicians, Dr Firth give such great quality care and always ensure Liem has the best possible treatments.


They are fantastic there salon services are great the staff and Dr. Firth are #1 in your pet’s health. Kind courteous inspiring just AWESME


The care and compassion provided says it all!


The service and friendly demeanor of all staff is refreshing. Forest and Rosie are handled with care and respect.


Dr. Firth has always provided our dogs with the best care, kindness and time. We never feel rushed during an exam and he answers all our questions. His team is knowledgeable, caring, respectful and are always happy to visit with our dogs. We have had many emergencies over the years and as recent as this past summer, and Dr. Firth has always been there for us with reassurance and calming our fears.


Polite pleasant concern for our pets, the information given on how to care for our “boys”, the way you often see them where they are at on premise…sometimes they have issues and can’t seem to climb the last few steps..the wonderful care and the variety of accommodations Thanks.


Always feel like a valued customer when I walk into your clinic. Very attentive staff, kind and courteous. Can’t say enough about your team. Recently visited with Rachel to have Lucy’s dental assessment and she was amazing. Answered all my questions, didn’t feel rushed, and calmed my fears and concerns. Thank you again for making us feel like valued customers.


We are confident in Dr Firth and his staff. Very caring, compassionate and professional. Our pets mean the world to us, and we entrust Firth Veterinary Hospital to care for our fur children. We feel like Family when we enter the clinic :)

Linda and Tim

friendly and helpful staff…clean environment…our dogs don’t get nervous visiting. Love the new mirrors on the wall welcoming the pets that day! Nice touch


It was important to me how my daughter was treated when she brought her puppy in and Dr Firth gave her the time answering her questions so I followed up with an appointment with my new puppy in anticipation of switching all my furry companions as well.

Carolyn Dennis

From the moment we walk in we always feel welcome. They have been incredible in handling the sometimes very difficult behavior of one of my dogs. Dr. Firth will even sit right on the floor with him until he calms down a bit. They are always so quick to reply to emails or phone calls and always squeeze you in when you have an immediate concern. I feel very comfortable with the care I receive at Firth Vet. Thank you for the great work that you do!!!!


In over twenty years I have never been disappointed in the care and consideration at FVC


I’ve been with Dr. Firth’s clinic for 36 years and have always received the best of care. Dr. Firth had the unenviable job of putting my cat Yuki to sleep yesterday. He did it with the utmost care and compassion. I felt he treasured her as much as I did.


Super friendly caring staff, and Dr. Firth was truly exceptional


The staff are always very friendly and accommodating!

Dr Firth and his team were kind courteous and genuinely seemed to care for our little girl. I believe it is important to find a vet who truly loves all animals. In addition to his caring manner, he is extremely thorough and knowledgeable as you would hope your vet would be.

The welcoming atmosphere as well and the knowledgeable staff is great. I have had dogs for 35 years and your standard of care is exceptional. Go easy on the up sell.

customer service and attention to our pets is amazing

Very friendly service. Everything was explained thoroughly (all options available for treatment). Was able to get appointment within the same day.
Ann Marie

Wonderful first-time experience meeting Dr. Firth and staff. They took the time to make sure all our questions were answered. Felt like part of the family the minute we walked in the door. Thank you!!

Excellent care and professional service

my dog loves coming and the staff know how to handle him when many others don’t

I gave a 10 but it wouldn’t stick. I trust Firth. My pets are family and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else.



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