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Brittany NortonBrittany Norton

The staff at Firth are so very caring, thorough in their explanations and treatments, and kind to their patients, both animal and human alike! The BEST vet service in London by far! Thank-you so much!

Brenan NugentBrenan Nugent

Great clinic with amazing staff!

Tammy-Lyn GreenTammy-Lyn Green

Firth Veterinary Hospital and all the staff have been absolutely amazing. The care is genuine and they always check back to see how your pet is doing. Highly recommended.

Sandy RuleSandy Rule

Their kindness and compassion for the animals and their owners is top notch!

TammyChris RossTammyChris Ross

Brought my little pup in when she was sick with pancreatitis a few months ago. The staff were so supportive and amazing with us!
Today we came for a routine check up. Everyone is so helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. I'm glad we decided to come here!!

Cassandra Barrey-RobyCassandra Barrey-Roby

I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the girls and Dr. Firth for taking such good care of my girl, Chaos!! You were all so nice and warm and obviously care about your patients a lot. It really eased my mind knowing that she was in such good hands!!

Shelley KennedyShelley Kennedy

My experience was excellent there. I came into their office 8am with a stray that was injured. I wasn't sure at that point whether I would keep him or not. I was also going on vacation in a few days. They went through their plan for Charlie and kept me up to date as results of tests became available. I decided to neuter him as he was going to be put under to fix his wound. I was able to visit him before I left for vacation and they agreed to keep him there while I was away. The poor kitty had ear mites and loaded with flees and some type of parasite infection as well. They sent a video of him while I was away soooo cute. I picked him up yesterday and again went over the plan and WHT had been done for him including vaccinations. I had a other cat at home so I wanted him to be tested for feline lukemia. I have him here now and he seems happy and content. He tried to climb the fence while I was outside with him so I think I need to keep a close eye on him. My siamese cat Petootie is used to ruling the place but they had been associa ting prior to him being injured. I am hopeful that everything will work out. Thanks to Terra, Rachel, Meghan and Amy for being an extremely competent, professional and caring group. Thanks so much!

Chelse GrantChelse Grant

Matilda’s first visit here. Put the time and effort in to gather all info needed since we can’t go with thanks to covid. Fast drop off/pick up. Really seem to care and listen.

CarolandDenis RaymondCarolandDenis Raymond

Dr. Firth and all of his staff are wonderful people.
They truly care for all the animals that are brought in to this hospital.
I would recommend this hospital to anyone that has a pet.

Nicole MaletteNicole Malette

By far, the best customer service I’ve ever received at a Animal Hospital! Dr. Firth and his team are all caring, kind and knowledgeable on the ongoing care of your pet! I trust them with the care of my chow-chow, Koda and absolutely recommend them to anyone that doesn’t trust easily. They truly care and it shows. Keep up the great work!!

Robert John StevensonRobert John Stevenson

Great Service.

Steph DagenaisSteph Dagenais

Always such a pleasant experience. These wonderful ppl always take such good care of Tie. �

Jen KayJen Kay

All the staff is very friendly. Always willing to take the time to properly treat your animal. Have been going here for 9 years and never had a bad experience.

Rebecca ChelonisRebecca Chelonis

Honestly the most inviting vet I’ve ever been too! Nicest receptionist � thank you

Karen JoseKaren Jose

Quinton loves to come to the vet. He is made to feel so special that it makes keeping him healthy so much easier.

Darlene Hoogenes-StastnyDarlene Hoogenes-Stastny

Best animal care ever!
We have been coming for 27 years

Kayla ConwayKayla Conway

I took my cat mister Morty here for an eye infection last week. I'm happy that I did - the staff here are very friendly and caring. Dr. Firth was extremely knowledgeable about Morty's breed and had answers for every question we asked. Not only did he pick up on infections in both of his eyes as well as treat them, but he also gave us tips on training him. This is the first time I've felt very good about going to a vet. The appointment wasn't only about his eye infections, it was about Morty. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Ki LangilleKi Langille

My little dog Stevey and myself feel Blessed to have Dr.Firth and his staff for our Vet ,they go ABOVE and BEYOND to make your pets and ourselves feel less stressed and well looked after . He will explain the options we have and then accomadates the treatment in the BEST way possible .Just one small example of their KINDNESS ,I was not able to pick up what we needed so between the Dr.and staff they decided they would bring it out to me .Now that is just 1 example there was more kindness thoughtfullness and generousity to come ,but it would take a short story to write all the things they did for my little Stevey and I ,so please if you need a vet he is your guy . I know that once I get my feet on the ground again I will find away to pay it forward .London is lucky to have him <3 .

Anne Wall-WilliamsAnne Wall-Williams

Yes I recommend your pets to come here.

Kim MitchellKim Mitchell

Thanks to the staff at Firth Veterinary Hospital who took such good care of Bogart during his appointment today!

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