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Yade H LynnYade H Lynn

Had to put my cat down (however he passed on the way to the vet) they were wonderful through the entire process of booking the appointment to helping us say the final goodbye when we arrived. They checked to confirm and offered condolences. Helped make arrangements for his cremation

Marie Rozalia StojanovskiMarie Rozalia Stojanovski

Our cat Matthews showed signs of blocking with crystals on Monday morning. We got in contact with the wonderful @firthvet who prescribed some meds for him since we were not 100% sure he was blocked. Matthews has a tendency to hold his bladder and can make us worry 🤦‍♀️

Tuesday, he was not peeing at all. We got him into Firth where they were able to use noninvasive techniques to nearly empty his bladder! Using medication and laser light therapy, Matthews did not have to be placed under any sort of sedation and got to come home later the same day. We were kept informed through the entire time he was being worked on over text messages and shown how things went with Loom videos sent right to us. Short of actually being in the room with them, this was a great means to keep us at ease that Matthews was doing well.

This morning, there was pee in the litter box and in our bathtub (rather there than somewhere else 🤷‍♀️), meaning the meds and laser treatment were working! Matthews went back today for another laser session and is back home napping contently. Nicole and Leo were absolutely fantastic with both Matthews and myself. Matthews can be a confusing cat to encounter since he hisses when he wants love, and will lull you into a false sense of security and then bite you. Leo completely won Matthews over during the light laser therapy.

Nicole did an excellent job detailing the medications Matthews will need for he next couple of weeks and what we can/should expect in the next little while. She went over the types of food recommended for blocking cats (both our male cats have crystals) and gave us excellent quantity guidelines for helping Matthews lose some weight. He a bit of a chonk...

Thank you @firthvet for taking such good care of both our boys!

Alysha JaymeeAlysha Jaymee

Firth Vet staff are the loveliest people, veteranarians included! I find the Vets and Techs are willing to spend the time with patients and parents throughout the process of the visit. Theyre transparent, friendly, efficient, safe, loving, and great at what they do. I loved bringing my kitten there and I wish I didn't have to change vets when moving out of town. Highly highly recommend!!

Nicole MaletteNicole Malette

By far, the best customer service I’ve ever received at a Animal Hospital! Dr. Firth and his team are all caring, kind and knowledgeable on the ongoing care of your pet! I trust them with the care of my chow-chow, Koda and absolutely recommend them to anyone that doesn’t trust easily. They truly care and it shows. Keep up the great work!!

Lloyd R NordstromLloyd R Nordstrom

Dr Firth and his entire staff sincerely care about of furry family members......

Kristina RichardsonKristina Richardson

I was in search of a new vet for my 13 year old Bichon Frise after the only vet she ever knew had retired. I didn’t have a clue where to go so I looked to the internet for a clinic with amazing recommendations and testimonials! When I came across FVH I knew I had to call as my Sasha had been slowing down and not eating. The staff were amazing right from the very first call and found a way to get my girl in that day! I was not disappointed and so appreciate their kindness towards me and my girl and their expertise on what she needed to make her feel better. I am happy to say that after two days on her new diet and meds, she seems much better and has perked back up. It is a relief to know that I have found a great new clinic. Thanks again to Sasha’s team!
Kristina and Sasha

Chelse GrantChelse Grant

Matilda’s first visit here. Put the time and effort in to gather all info needed since we can’t go with thanks to covid. Fast drop off/pick up. Really seem to care and listen.

Katie MartinKatie Martin

Our Bella had her first patient check up today and the staff was fantastic!! Though we couldn’t go in with her, when the staff came out with her they were so pleasant to deal with and Bella was went in with them no problem. She is typically shy with new people. We were even given a certificate for Bella’s bravery and they took photos!

Shari SawyerShari Sawyer

After a recent scarey event with my dog, and previous vet not doing anything, I was recommended to go to Firth. well the day I called them to make an appointment for my little Emma to go, I spoke with Danielle and she was able to answer all my questions and the comment that sticks in my head from her is "age is not a disease" you see my previous vet told me I should think of putting her down cuz she was old, she's going to be 27 in June, and he said she's in a lot of pain. He has never followed up yo see how she is doing or anything. Today Emma met Dr. Firth and Team Emma. They were awesome!! she was there for 2 hours full work over with recommendations and meds. We r loving Firth Vet Clinic, Dr. Firth and the team awesome work!! Next will be Ziggys visit Thank you Firth team!! You have put my mind at ease ❤🐾

Meredith StamenovMeredith Stamenov

We needed a new vet after moving to the area and are so happy we found Dr. Firth! Him and his staff were extremely thorough, knowledgeable, personable and welcoming. I have never felt more comfortable with a vet and I know our dog was well cared for. Their post appointment explanation and follow up was exceptionally communicative, supportive and educational. Thank you for taking such great care of our furry girl.

Amie Lynn MorrisonAmie Lynn Morrison

They were so kind and helpful! A great team to take care of your little best furrever friend. ❤️ Thank you again!

Erica LeighErica Leigh

I love this clinic! They are all so friendly and warm with my boy and take great care of him. Dr. Firth is so loving and caring with my pup and is able to ease his stress about going. They always text me and send me pictures to keep me in the loop when my dog is there. Would highly recommend!

Gail Beachey-BrodieGail Beachey-Brodie

I took my Siamese cat Jafar today during Covid 19 Lock down to Firth Veterinary Hospital and I was amazed on how well the Doctor and staff handled every thing. We were able to get in on a cancellation this very day. The Doctor did a one on one video while holding Jafar as if we were with him in the examination room. I was very happy with that it felt as if I were present. It was also very reassuring as he thoroughly explained every thing about his findings and what we needed to do. He spoke of how Jafar handled every thing so well.

Sandy RuleSandy Rule

Their kindness and compassion for the animals and their owners is top notch!

Arl A McArl A Mc

Firth Veterinary Hospital is exceptional! They're are knowledgeable, thorough, professional, courteous, compassionate and respectful. They took really great care with our dog. We were provided with excellent care, advice and support - on the phone, in person and by email. We appreciate having met then and having them care for our dog! Thanks!!

Jen KayJen Kay

All the staff is very friendly. Always willing to take the time to properly treat your animal. Have been going here for 9 years and never had a bad experience.

Tanya MurrayTanya Murray

My furbabies have been with Dr Firth for over 10 yrs and there is no other vet I allow to look a after them.

Despite perhaps what people may consider a bad experience with a staff member, cost or wait time, my babies have been well looked after, so it’s not about me, it’s about them.

Theresa MarieTheresa Marie

Such a wonderful experience! Lovely, patient and experienced staff. Took such good care of our new kitten and we are so happy to have found them!

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