Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Kitty Indoors

Have you decided to keep your cat indoors? If so, you’ve made a great decision! Our feline friends are much safer inside, where they are protected from the dangers posed by cars, weather, predators, chemicals, and other hazards. Kitties that have had outdoor access in the past, however, may need some time to get used to living indoors. Below, a London, ON, vet offers advice on keeping your furball happy and purring inside.


Don’t let your kitty get bored! Offer Fluffy lots of fun toys, and at least one comfy window spot with a good view, where she can doze and sunbathe while watching birds and squirrels.


Take time to play with your kitty every day. To really get your furball moving, use fun, interactive toys, like laser pointers or wand toys. If Fluffy can satisfy her innate urge to hunt by attacking catnip mice, she may be less tempted to go out.

Discourage Escape Attempts

Never punish your cat for trying to get out, especially if she’s successful. Cats don’t think like we do. (This may be a bit of an understatement, but that’s besides the point.) Fluffy may not understand why you’re angry, and could get scared, which could make her even more determined to get out. Instead, try to make your kitty wary of the door. When she approaches it, squirt her with water or sound a bike horn. She will be startled, and may bolt for the closet, but she won’t be hurt.

Activate The Purr

Make your home as cozy and inviting for your kitty as possible. Give your feline buddy the best food you can afford, keep her litterbox clean, and offer lots of comfy napping spots. When your furball wants to cuddle or curl up on your lap for a snooze, indulge her. Proper veterinary care is also very important! To play it safe, we recommend microchipping Fluffy, just in case she ever slips out and gets lost.


In time, even former strays can completely lose the desire to go outside. Fluffy may very well feel more safe and secure living indoors once she’s gotten used to it. Give your furball time to adjust.

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