5 Reasons to Play With Your Cat Every Day

Do you regularly play with your cat? If so, that’s great! Playing isn’t just fun for Fluffy: it’s actually great for her. A London, ON vet lists some great reasons to play with your feline friend daily.


You have probably noticed that our feline overlords are very fond of sleeping. Actually, we’re pretty sure that relaxing is Fluffy’s favorite activity. Your cat’s napping predilection may be adorable, but it makes it very easy for her to get out of shape. Even spending a few minutes running, jumping, and pouncing will be beneficial to your drowsy furball.

Mental Stimulation

Even though cats seem to really enjoy having absolutely nothing to do, the truth is that kitties can—and do—get quite bored. Playing offers Fluffy beneficial mental stimulation. After all, your furry friend has to really focus to time her pounces just right when she’s trying to catch that string toy. This can help fight off the cognitive decline some felines face in their senior years.

Curb Midnight Zoomies

Has your cat ever woken you up by batting her favorite squeaky toy around in the middle of the night? Does your playful pet try to pounce on your toes when you are sleeping? A fun play session can tire your furball out. After a fun session of Catch The Dot, Fluffy may be more interested in napping than in making mischief.

Build Confidence

Do you have a timid pet? Play sessions may help your bashful kitty come out of her shell. Be sure to let your furry buddy catch her ‘prey,’ and praise her when she does. This can really help a nervous cat relax and gain confidence.

Build A Strong Bond

When you take time to hold that feather toy for your kitty to pounce on, Fluffy will know that you’re doing something just for her enjoyment. You may very well be rewarded with affectionate purrs and cuddles.

Bonus: It’s Cute!

Playful kitties are super cute! Fluffy looks absolutely adorable when she does that pre-pounce wiggle or runs after a catnip mouse. It’s probably safe to say that your pet’s silly antics will put a smile on your face, which is great for you, too! Talk about a win/win solution!

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