If Dogs Had Thumbs

There’s a very fun pet holiday coming up: March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! If our canine pals suddenly grew opposable thumbs, what sort of mischief do you think they would get into? A local London, ON vet offers some cute suggestions below.

Raid The Fridge

It’s probably safe to say that raiding the fridge would be at or near the top of Fido’s to-do list. Your pooch would likely open every can and package in the house, and would probably make pretty short work of chomping down any meat or cheese you had in the fridge. Your pup may also open every can of dog food he could find, and then finish off his meal with a pile of doggy treats.

Go For A Walk

Daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons: they keep dogs active, and also offer them beneficial mental stimulation. They’re also lots of fun for our furry friends! Fido may let himself out for a stroll to walk off that huge meal. Or maybe he would go visit that cute pooch that lives down the road or across the street.

Use A Back Scratcher

Does Fido close his eyes in bliss when you help him scratch that pesky itch he just can’t reach? If you have a back scratcher handy, your pooch may help himself to it so he can finally get that annoying itchy spot.

Order Everything

If you ever want a chuckle, look up some of the joke sites with imagined texts from dogs. Fido growing thumbs is pretty unlikely, but what if he also learned to spell and read? Your pooch would likely quickly start ordering things online. You may come home to find your dog surrounded by tennis balls, new toys, beds, puppy treats, and, of course, empty pizza boxes.

Go For A Drive

Man’s Best Friend loves exploring, and is often quite fond of going for car rides. Your adventurous pet may decide to head for the doggy park . . . or just take a long drive in the country.

Throw His Own Toys

Is Fetch your canine friend’s favorite game? Fido may be delighted to realize that he could now throw his favorite ball or toy himself!

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