Clever Ways to Hide a Litterbox

Cats are very clean by nature, which is one reason they are such popular pets. Your feline buddy will discretely do her business in her litterbox. It’s great not to have to worry about rushing home to let Fluffy out. However, while your pet’s litterbox is convenient, it isn’t exactly pretty. Read on for some great suggestions from a London, ON vet on how to hide Fluffy’s bathroom.

Folding Screen

Get a folding screen, and set it up kitty corner. Leave just enough room for your feline friend to pass through on her way to her purrsonal powder room.

Custom Furniture

You can now find all sorts of custom furniture pieces that double as litterbox holders. These may be a bit pricier than the other options, but they are both attractive and functional. Some are really quite clever. For instance, you can get a litterbox that looks like a plant pot.

Upcycled End Table

There are a few different ways to turn an end table into a litterbox concealer. Get an end table with doors, and cut a hole in one side. Fluffy can get in and out that way, while you can use the doors for cleaning access. This also works with storage trunks and large wicker boxes. Another option is to get the type of end table with legs. Put a covered litterbox beneath it, and drape fabric over the table. Just be sure to leave an opening for your kitty. Putting a plant on the table will also help combat the smell. (Tip: check the ASPCA website for safe options.)

Storage Tote Hack

Get a large storage tote, and cut a hole in one end for Fluffy to get in and out of. You can make it look better by adding stencils, paint, or contact paper. Setting a few pet-safe plants nearby will also help it look more attractive.

Closet Hack

If you have enough room, you can keep Fluffy’s litterbox in a small closet or a utility room. If you don’t want to leave the door open all the time, cut out a kitty door for your furry little buddy. You can even find cute kits for this online.

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