Things That Annoy Dogs

Does your dog have a few cute quirks? Maybe Fido hates a certain jacket, or gets jealous when you pet the cat. All of our furry patients have their own purrsonalities, as well as individual likes and dislikes. However, our canine pals do share a few common pet peeves. A local London, ON vet lists some of them below.


Fido may not mind it if you hug him, but most pooches don’t really enjoy it when strangers hug them. That’s because hugs translate into a sign of dominance in doggy language.


Dogs are very smart, and they need entertainment and mental stimulation. Boredom can be a huge factor in bad doggy behaviors, such as digging and chewing. Make sure Fido has plenty of toys to play with. It’s also important to walk and play with your pup daily. Activity and a change of scenery are both very important to your pet’s health and well-being!


Staring is a sign of aggression in dogs. Fido may not mind if you look into his eyes, of course, but that is in large part because of the bond between the two of you. Never look a strange dog in the eye, especially one that is on edge.


Dogs have many wonderful traits, but they aren’t perfect. Fido has a few bad habits, like getting into the trash and eating couch cushions. However, you should never yell at your furry friend for misbehaving, especially after the fact. Your dog won’t understand why you’re ‘barking’ at him so loudly, and may feel scared, anxious, or confused.

Confusing Commands

Did you know that our canine buddies can learn up to 100 words? (We know, ‘Bacon’ is probably Fido’s favorite, followed shortly by ‘Walk’ and ‘Car Ride.’) However, Fido doesn’t understand the nuances of human language. If you tell your pup to ‘Lay Down’ one day, and then the next day say ‘Fido, go lay down in your bed right now,’ the next, you’ll likely just confuse your furry buddy.


In the wild, dogs live in packs, and are pretty much always with their friends. Fido thinks of his human buddies as his ‘pack’ and can feel lonely, sad, and depressed when left by himself. Spend lots of time with your pet!

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