Cute Ways Your Cat Helps With Housework

Kitties have many wonderful qualities. They’re cute, cuddly, clean, and, of course, highly entertaining. Our feline pals are also very helpful! Fluffy is often willing to lend a helping paw around the house. Read on as a London, ON vet lists some adorable ways your pet offers her assistance.

Clearing The Coffee Table

Fluffy is very diligent about knocking small objects off counters and coffee tables. Your pet does this to make sure the surface is free of clutter.

Watering Plants

Have you ever found your four-legged buddy drinking out of your water glass? You may very well have poured the water into a plant and gotten a fresh glass. That’s exactly what your pet was hoping you’d do!


Cats also help us out by keeping us motivated. For instance, Fluffy may knock a plant over to help inspire you to sweep the floor.

Changing The Bed Sheets

One of the laws our furry buddies must abide by has to do with changing bedsheets. Fluffy is officially obligated to jump on the bed and try to pounce on the sheets as you are arranging them. Many furballs take this official kitty duty very seriously!

Wrapping Gifts

Our feline buddies are always more than willing to help out when it’s time to wrap gifts. Fluffy is especially useful when you’re using extra-thin wrapping paper and/or ribbons.

Hair Distribution

Another thing that our feline friends are very good at is fur distribution. Fluffy will spend time on your sofa, bed, and armchair, making sure that they all have some pet hair on them. Maybe this is why it’s called furniture?

Keeping Laundry Warm

It isn’t uncommon for kitties to hop into a basket of laundry that just came out of the dryer. You may initially think that your pet just wants a cozy napping spot, but she’s actually helping keep your clothes warm. Fluffy may also be making sure that your things have the proper amount of cat fur on them.

Climate Control

Do you ever find your furball snoozing in a sunbeam? It may look like Fluffy is just taking a nap, but she’s actually helping keep your house from getting too hot, by soaking up extra sunlight. How thoughtful!

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