Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Or are you waiting for the last minute? No matter which category you fall into, don’t forget to get something for Fido. Your canine buddy definitely deserves a special gift! A London, ON vet suggests some possible options below.


Dogs are always cute, but they’re super adorable when they get a new toy. Get Fido’s furry tail wagging by giving him some new playthings. Classic dog toys, like balls, plush toys, and rope toys, will always be popular with our canine pals. However, you can also get your pooch something newer, like a mechanical ball launcher or an automated laser pointer.


Treats would likely be at the top of Fido’s holiday wish list. Store-bought treats are fine, of course. However, if you like cooking, you can also make some homemade doggy treats. These also make great gifts for other people’s pups! Just stick to ingredients that are safe for your furry friend. You’ll find lots of great recipes online.


Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping? A new bed is definitely a great gift for your furry friend. If Fido is a large breed or a senior, get him an orthopedic bed. The extra support will help him sleep more comfortably. Smaller dogs may like beds with raised sides.

Grooming Supplies

Has it been a while since you got your pooch a new brush? Could Fido use a new toothbrush, or perhaps some paw balm? These things all make great stocking stuffers!


Does your pup have thin fur? If so, Fido may appreciate having a jacket or coat to wear when it’s cold out. Just make sure your pup’s clothes fit properly, and aren’t itchy, hot, tight, or restricting.

Travel Supplies

Do you like to take your canine companion on trips with you? Look into getting Fido a doggy travel pack. These are great for a ‘doggo on the go!’


Could your pooch stand to work on his petiquette? Does your furry pal ignore you when you give him a command? Obedience classes may very well be the gift that keeps on giving. Actually, this may be just as much a gift for you as it is for Fido!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, your London, ON vet clinic. We’re here for you!

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