National Cat Herder’s Day

Today, December 15th, is Cat Herder’s Day! It’s also National Lemon Cupcake Day. If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that eating cupcakes is much easier than herding cats. Is herding cats even possible? How do you get Fluffy to do what you want? A London, ON vet offers a few thoughts on the topic below.

Attracting Cats

There are a few things our feline pals can’t seem to resist. Boxes are at the top of the list. If there was one surefire way to catch a kitty, it would probably be to set out a cardboard box and tell Fluffy to stay out of it. Sunbeams, of course, are a close second. Cats don’t actually run on solar power, but they certainly are fond of sunbathing! Next on the list: warm baskets of clean laundry. This works even better if the clothing is dark, as it shows fur so well. Kitties are also attracted to catnip, of course, as well as books or computers their humans are occupied with. For a long time, running an electric can opener was an easy way to call our feline friends, but that has subsided since pop-top cans became popular.

Moving Cats Away

What if you wanted Fluffy to go in another direction? Well, one way to get your furball to make a beeline for another room is to simply make a loud noise. Bang two pots together, or sound a bike horn. The sound of a vacuum cleaner running also sometimes makes Fluffy hightail it for another area. Of course, kitties also have a knack for being underfoot when you are busy, and ignoring you when you’re relaxed and available for cuddles. That’s just purr for the course with cats!


As you may know, the term ‘it’s like herding cats’ means trying to do something that is, well, impossible. Cats are very independent little furballs, and they don’t like being told what to do. In fact, some studies have shown that kitties do hear their owners calling them, and deliberately ignore us. However, sometimes Fluffy does come when you call her. She may even give you a little meow of greeting! Offer her attention and treats when she does this. Just don’t expect it to work every time.

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