Happy Mew Year

Happy New Year! While most people are celebrating the new year today, for our feline friends, tomorrow is the official holiday. January 2nd is Happy Mew Year, or New Year’s Day for cats! In this article, a London, ON vet offers some tips on helping Fluffy ring in 2020.

Fluffy’s Resolutions

If your kitty could list her goals for 2020, what do you think she would want to accomplish? Your sleepy pet may very well want to improve her napping times, or nail that tricky pounce/jump combo. Or, she may try some new sleeping spots or positions. Fluffy might vow to finally catch that elusive red dot, or figure out how to get rid of the dog. Then again, she may simply want to spend more time snoozing on your lap!

Resolutions Inspired By Cats

Our feline pals can actually be quite inspiring. For instance, your kitty can serve as a great reminder of the importance of getting enough sleep. Or, Fluffy may motivate you to stretch more, be curious about things that interest you, or spend more time playing. Your furball could also inspire you to eat healthy foods. As we all know, cats can be quite finicky about their dinners!

Kitty Celebrations

We suspect that the majority of our feline patients slept through last night’s celebrations. Why not start Fluffy’s new year out right by making her a comfy new sleeping spot? This doesn’t have to be fancy. A soft blanket on a chair will do just fine. You may also want to treat your furball to a new toy or a special snack.

Resolutions For People With Kitties

Are you making resolutions this year? Why not include Fluffy in your goals? For instance, you could make a habit of playing with your furry buddy every day. Or, you may vow to be a bit better about cleaning your pet’s litterbox, or keeping up with her veterinary care. Another good resolution would be to buy or make your kitty a new toy every week, or get her some more pet furniture. Last but not least, you could resolve to keep your furball’s little motor going by paying lots of attention to her. Time spent with cats is never wasted!

All of us here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, your London, ON vet clinic, want to wish you and your kitty a wonderful new year. Call us anytime!

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