Things Your Cat Thinks You Should Be More Grateful For

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! As the autumn holiday approaches, it’s important to remember that the true meaning behind the autumn holiday is gratitude. We’re certainly thankful for our feline pals, and we know that they appreciate us as well. However, we suspect that some kitties feel that some of their services and skills are a bit unappreciated. Read on as a veterinarian London, ON lists some things that your pet may think you should be more grateful for. 

Wake Up Calls

Our feline friends are collectively very, very tired. Your drowsy furball will spend a lot of her time sleeping. However, kitties rarely snooze through breakfast. In fact, every morning, thousands–if not millions–of hangry cats wake their humans up. You have to admit, Fluffy is the cutest alarm clock ever. 

Sleep Aid

On the other hand, cats are also very good at helping their humans get to sleep. Fluffy definitely makes a great napping buddy! Snuggling up with a purring furball can be very relaxing. 

Help With Chores

Fluffy may give you a superior, disdainful look at times, but she really does appreciate all the love, care, and catnip you provide. She may try to repay you by helping out with things like changing the sheets, wrapping gifts, or just keeping your laundry warm.


Although dogs are usually more protective than cats, we have seen some remarkable displays of bravery from kitties. Fluffy has saved her humans from dangers such as snakes, dogs, and even bears! She’s also alerted them to house fires. Your feline buddy may not make the headlines for her heroics, but she’ll probably at least let you know that there’s a moth in the kitchen. 

Dead Mice

Cats’ hunting skills were greatly prized in past eras, but they aren’t as appreciated as they once were. Apparently Fluffy never got that memo, though, as she still looks very pleased with herself when she brings her humans ‘gifts.’

Hairball Placement

Have you ever wondered if Fluffy deliberately left that mess where it was right in the way? Case in point. (Note: frequent or excessive hairballs can be a sign of medical issues. This definitely warrants a call to your vet.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your animal hospital London, ON, we’re here to help!

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